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    Son celebrates Argentina win, Brazil fan dad rushes to pick up chair, watch video

    New Delhi. Argentina finally won a major title, ending a 28-year wait led by Lionel Messi. Argentina defeated Brazil 1-0 in the final of Copa America 2021. After 1993, Argentina captured this title. Angel Di Maria scored the only goal of the match. Through this victory, Messi’s wait for the first international title for Argentina ended.
    Argentina fans around the world started celebrating after this win. In India, many eyes were on this final. There are not less fans of Argentina and Brazil teams in the country. Even the fans of the two teams are present in the same family. A video of this is also going viral on social media.

    While the son supports Argentina, the father is a fan of the Brazilian team. As the son was celebrating ecstatically after Argentina’s victory, the father ran to beat him with a chair in anger.

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    In the video, a fan can be seen in the living room of the house celebrating Argentina’s victory by taking off his jersey in the style of Sourav Ganguly. After winning, he danced fiercely in front of his father. The video of what father did to reduce his son’s enthusiasm is going viral on social media.

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