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    Euro Cup Roundup 2020: Spain beat Switzerland, Italy beat Belgium to reach semi-finals

    New Delhi. Italy beat Belgium and Spain to enter Euro Cup 2020 semi-finals after defeating Switzerland. Italy and Spain will now meet in the semi-finals. Barella scored for Italy in the 31st minute and then Lorenzo made it 20 just before half time. Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku scored 21 runs. Both teams tried to score in the second half but failed. It was Italy’s 13th win in a row.

    At the same time, Spain beat Switzerland in a penalty shootout in the first quarter-final of the tournament (Euro 2020, 1st quarter-final). Considered to be very strong, the Spanish team managed to score just one goal at full time and extra time, and Switzerland scored the same goal. Then the match was made in the penalty shootout where the Spanish team won 3-1.

    Spain created pressure in the 8th minute.

    Alba scored a goal in the 88th minute for Spain to give the team the lead. In the 8th minute Spain got a corner where Alba D quickly kicked in and the ball hit Zacharias and went into the goal. Spain led 1-0 in the first half, but Switzerland took revenge in the second half.

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    Switzerland’s star player Shaqiri brought the team to parity. He put the ball into the goal post to draw the team 1-1. The match between Spain and Switzerland went to extra time after full time and both teams managed to score 1-1. After that, the thrill of the penalty shoot-out began, where the Swiss team collapsed under pressure.

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