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    Copa America: Brazil reached the final, the possibility of a title match with Argentina

    Rio de Janeiro. Title contenders Brazil, performing to their full potential, beat Peru 1-0 to reach the Copa America soccer final. After the victory, Brazil’s star striker Neymar said, I want the final to be Argentina’s. I have many friends in that team and I want to play the final with them. Brazil will win.
    Nilton assisted the only goal in this match held at the Santos Stadium. He took the ball from defender Alexandre Callens and handed it to Lucas Pacetta who slotted it into the net. Despite the team’s defeat, Peru’s goalkeeper Pedro Gales performed brilliantly and saved many goals.

    The victory was not easy for Brazil
    The margin of defeat would have been greater if Neymar and Richardson had not saved the goals in the first half. Brazil beat Peru 4-0 in the group stage but this match was a different story. In the second half, Gianluca Lapadula’s shot was brilliantly defended by Brazil’s goalkeeper Anderson. Brazil coach Tite later admitted it was a tiring match. Physically and mentally. The Copa America is nothing less than a mental marathon.

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    Brazil reached the final nine times

    Brazil have reached the final nine times in the last 14 seasons. It was hosted this time after the original hosts Argentina and Colombia withdrew. Two years ago, Brazil beat Peru 2-0 to win the title despite Neymar not playing due to injury. There will be no enthusiastic fans to cheer on the hosts in next Saturday’s final, who have been banned from entering the stadium by Corona. Peru will play the loser of the second semi-final in the third-place playoff.

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