Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    You can’t forget the taste of hot pineapple from this shop in Hazaribagh

    Rupanshu Chowdhury/Hazaribagh. People of India are very fond of food and drink. Each region has one or the other special item. Similarly Roshan Anarsa shop located on Hazaribagh main road is famous in the city. People from far and wide reach here to buy anarsa. Delicious pineapples filled with sesame seeds and khoya are available here throughout the year. Lye is also available for customers in the store.

    Shop owner Roshan Kumar said his father started setting up this cart 12 years ago. which they are managing now. Anarsa is sold to him at Tk 300 per kg and Tk 15 per piece. Where lye is priced at Rs 360 per kg and Rs 15 per piece. People come here from far and wide to eat Anarsa. Many people pack it and take it to other countries.

    Director Roshan Kumar said, first basmati rice is thoroughly washed and pounded in a mixer. Lui is made by mixing flour and sugar with roasted rice. Similarly khoya is fried in sugar syrup. After this, the khova is filled with the prepared dough, wrapped in sesame seeds and placed in hot oil. Then it gets boiled in 5 minutes. It is served hot to customers. It’s deliciously hot.

    Director Roshan Kumar said that he keeps his car on the opposite side of Sundari Market on Hazaribagh Main Road every day. People can come here from 11 am to 9 pm to taste the pineapple. Click on this link Google Maps can be used.


    First Published: Jul 09, 2023, 17:41 IST

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