Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    There is no competition… Bagpat’s Balushahi has been ruling the world of sweets for the past 80 years

    Ashish Tyagi/Baghpat.Bhagat ji’s Balushahi, whose name makes people’s mouths water. Not only in Baghpat, but in West Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR, no other sweet has been made to rival Bhagatji’s Balushahi in the last 80 years. Bhagat Ji Mishti’s Balushahi was started by late Lala Ganga Prasad (Bhagat Ji) at Aggarwal Mandi Tetiri in Baghpat 80 years ago. Since then Bhagat Ji’s Balushahi is famous.

    Its sale started at 25 or 50 paisa 80 years ago, which today has reached Rs 560 per kg. Many branches have been opened not only in Baghpat but also in and around Delhi. About 4 generations of Bhagat ji have been making this sweet. Prashant, director of Bhagat Ji Balushahi’s Baghpat branch, says that his Balushahis are made with pure desi ghee and the artisans who make his Balushahis are many years old. Special care is taken about the quality of mawa or other ingredients used in it.

    A trip to Baghpat is incomplete without a taste of Balushahi.
    People come here from far and wide to buy Balushahi. Whether it’s a wedding at someone’s house or any other occasion, their Balushahi sweets top the list. Not only that, Bhagat Jir Balushahi is the first choice of guests coming to Bagpat. Their Balushahi is most in demand during Holi and Diwali. Talking about the sales of all branches, they sell lakhs of taka daily in Balushahi. If you ever come to Baghpat, one must taste Bhagatji’s Balushahi.


    First Published: Jul 09, 2023, 16:16 IST

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