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    The special sweets of kings and emperors are available here in Delhi, worth a try

    Gauhar/Delhi. Delhi’s buildings are as historic as Delhi’s cuisine. You must have eaten a lot of Delhi fast food, but have you tried the royal and oldest sweet Khurchan at Chandni Chowk? The sweets of the shop ‘Pandit Gaya Prasad Madan Mohan’ sold since 1928 are very famous.
    The owner of the shop ‘Ravi Shankar Sharma’ said that Raja Maharaja liked this special sweet very much. This is why big celebrities come here to taste Khurchan. It is very popular in other states not just Delhi.

    Praised by Master Chef ‘Gurkirat Singh’
    The shopkeeper said that master chef ‘Gurkirat Singh’ also came here a few days ago. There were many compliments after tasting this dessert. She also put up a video of this sweet on her social media, where people responded a lot.

    This is how this sweet is made
    As delicious as this dessert is, it also takes a lot of work to make. First put the milk in a large pan and boil it for a long time on low flame. When the cream comes to the top of the milk, apply the cream to the inside of the pan and wait for it to dry. Finally, the thick layers of this cream are removed and after it cools down, it is cut into pieces. The price of this sweet is 750 rupees per kg. The price of 100 grams is 75 rupees.

    Khurchan Sweets can be found here
    If you want to eat this sweet, you have to get down at Chandni Chowk metro station. As soon as you come out of gate number 5, you will come to the famous Wali Gali. The shop is open seven days a week from 8 am to 11 pm. It will be closed only on Raksha Bandhan and Holi days.

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