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    The crispy samosas and pakoras available here are special, the flavor attracts people

    Ravi Pike/Bhilwara.The chaat-pakoras and samosa-kachoris at a shop in Mandal in Bhilwara district taste so good that a queue of food lovers forms even before the shop opens. Here people are ready to wait for hours to eat kachoris, dumplings and samosas. People from Bhilwara city, Asind, Mandal, Shahpura, Pali and Jodhpur districts also visit this shop to taste.

    Navratna Chutney tastes amazing
    Located on the main road, every person who passes by this shop is drawn towards the shop by the smell of samosas and kachuris. The specialty of this place is Navratna chutney, which people love a lot. Kadi kachori, samosa in this shop? Moong and urad dal, mirchi bara, alu bara and other delicious hot dishes are fed to people.

    This store has been running for 30 years
    Satyanarayan Tolambia, who has set up a shop called Gujarati Chaat Center near the bus stand near Mandal Mor, 12 km from Bhilwara district headquarters, says he has been making breakfast for nearly 30 years. Navaratna chutney and curry kachori, dumplings made with different types of pulses and samosas are popular among people.

    The taste is great
    On the other hand, Mahavir said, I have been coming here every day for last 15 years to eat kachodi and dumplings. The specialty of the dumpling here is that the dumpling test made of mung, gram and urad dal is not available anywhere else. Kadi kachoris and samosas are also excellent.

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