Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    The biggest parantha in the country, whoever eats it will get a prize of 1 lakh rupees.

    Dhirendra Chowdhury/Rohtak: Have you seen a 2 kg paratha, 28 inches in size and one lakh rupees is awarded to the person who eats it whole in one sitting. However, only 2 people have achieved such a feat in 16 years. Around 50 varieties of parathas are made at Tapasya Paratha Junction in Rohtak.

    People bring here not only from Haryana but also their friends and relatives from abroad to taste the delicious parathas. Parathas at this restaurant start at Rs 280 and go up to Rs 700. These parathas come in medium, full and extra large sizes. Currently 18 inch, 24 inch and 28 inch parathas are made here.

    The girl gave the idea of ​​making big parathas
    Tapasya Paratha Junction director Mukesh Kumar said he started the restaurant 16 years ago and his daughter gave him the idea to make big parathas. The restaurant is named Tapasya after her daughter. Since then, we have continuously increased the variety of parathas and today we have 50 varieties of parathas in different sizes, which people love very much. He said that whoever eats three of our parathas together, we will also give him a reward of one lakh taka. But so far only 2 have managed to do it. We offer good quality gifts to people here. Because of this, not a single complaint has been received in 16 years.

    Eat Parotta, 1 Lakh Prize
    Vandana, manager of the restaurant, said that people like our parathas a lot and try to win our prize of one lakh rupees. If people can’t eat the whole paratha during the competition, they pack the rest of the paratha too. People keep trying but only 2 people have succeeded so far. At the same time, customers who come to eat at the restaurant also say that good quality food is available here and that too is very cheap.

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