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    Taste aunty’s pasta here in Delhi, finished in minutes

    Akanksha Dixit/Delhi. Pasta is a popular food item in today’s fast paced and busy life. Many of us love to eat pasta. Delhi, the capital of the country, has many restaurants that serve excellent pasta. If you too love to eat desi pasta, then you must visit this place in Delhi.

    This stall is nowhere but Karol Bagh, a busy area of ​​Delhi. It is famous as ‘Aunt’s Pasta’. Crowds of office goers and students are always seen here. The special thing is that the white sauce and the red sauce here are completely different from the pasta. Simply put, it is a desi style spicy pasta, cooked in desi style. This particular pasta is prepared here in a large pan. After it forms, it becomes a complete cell within 20 minutes. Then the rebuilding work began.

    Pasta recipes and prices

    First the pasta is placed in the pan. It contains salt, special spices, chutney, capsicum, oregano and chili flakes. The pasta is then fried with this ingredient until light golden. The aunt who makes it stirs the pasta very quickly. After preparing, this pasta is served with mayonnaise topping. Talking about the price of ‘Aunt’s Pasta’, it is available for half plate at Rs 50 and full plate at Rs 70.

    Know stall timings and locations

    Talking about the timings of the ‘Aanti Ka Pasta’ stall, it is open daily from 4 PM to 11 PM. Nearest metro station to reach here is Karol Bagh.
    Location –

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