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    Sorghum-Onion Bread Keeps Stomach Healthy, Helps in Weight Loss, All Day Energy, Know How to Make


    Sorghum-onion bread is very beneficial for the body.
    Sorghum onion bread helps in digestion.

    Sorghum Onion Roti Recipe: Jowar-onion bread can be very beneficial for health during hot season. Joar-onion roti can be added to the morning breakfast to keep you alive for the whole day. Eating millet rich in fiber helps improve digestion. Onion has a cooling effect which is helpful in pacifying stomach heat. Eating sorghum-onion bread can also help in weight loss. Playing it will make you feel energetic throughout the day.
    If you are concerned about your family’s health, you can include jowar-onion bread in your diet this summer season. It is very easy to make and can be made in minutes. Let’s learn the easy way to make joar-onion roti.

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    Ingredients for Sorghum-Onion Bread
    Jowar flour- 1 cup
    Finely chopped onions (green and white) – 1/2 cup
    Green Chilli Paste – 1/4 tsp
    Oil – as required
    Salt – as per taste

    How to make joar-onion roti
    To make joar-onion roti, first take green and white onions and cut them into fine pieces. After that make a paste of green chillies. Now take a deep bottom vessel and add jowar flour and finely chopped onion to it and mix it well. Then add green onion paste, 1 tsp oil and salt to taste in this mixture. Then knead soft dough with water little by little.

    Now make balls in equal proportion of flour. Take a ball and roll it into a round shape. Meanwhile, heat a nonstick pan/frying pan over medium heat. When the fryer is hot, place the rolled bread on the fryer. After baking for a while, turn the bread and fry on the other side. When the roti becomes light golden on both sides, keep it on direct flame of gas and fry it by turning.

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    Then keep the bread separately on a plate. Similarly make bread from all the balls one by one. You can also add some oil to the bread if you want. Sorghum-onion roti is ready for breakfast. Serve hot with vegetables.

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