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    Raw mango-mint chutney will give you 2 major benefits, the taste of the food will also increase, ready in 5 minutes


    Raw mango-mint chutney is very beneficial for health.
    Raw mango-mint chutney helps prevent heat stroke in summer.

    Raw Mango Mint Chutney Recipe: Eating mangoes during the summer season is a different experience. Raw mangoes are also widely used in chutneys during the summer season. The chutney made with raw mangoes and mint tastes amazing. Not only this, raw mango-mint chutney is also very beneficial for the body. Chutney made with raw mango-mint is very beneficial for the body and increases the immunity of the body by eating it. Apart from this, eating raw mango-mint chutney also reduces the risk of heat stroke.
    Raw mango-mint chutney is ready in minutes and is very easy to make. Raw mango-mint chutney can be prepared and eaten for lunch or dinner. Raw mango-mint chutney can be served for breakfast or with snacks. Let’s learn the easy way to make raw mango-mint chutney.

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    Ingredients for raw mango-mint chutney
    Mint – 2 cups
    Raw Mango (Kairi)- 1
    Chopped green chillies – 3-4
    Sanaf – 2 teaspoons
    Cumin – 1 tsp
    Black salt – as per taste
    Common salt – as per taste

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    Raw mango-mint chutney recipe
    To prepare delicious raw mango and mint chutney, first clean the mint leaves and remove the thick stems and wash them in water. After that, take out the leaves and keep them aside so that they can drain the excess water. Now peel the raw mango and cut it in half, separate the kernels and cut them into small pieces. Now grind mint leaves, raw mango pieces in a mixer jar with one or two spoons of water.

    After grinding two to three times, open the lid of the jar and add fennel, cumin, green chillies. Next, pour half a cup of water in the jar and grind the chutney to a smooth paste. You can grind the chutney coarsely if you want. When the chutney is ready, take it out in a bowl. Delicious raw mango-mint chutney is ready to eat. It can be served for lunch or dinner.

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