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    People here eat 25 lakhs of shortbread every day, shops open before sunrise

    Report – Lalitesh Kushwaha

    Bharatpur. The identity of Rajasthan is also the variety of food here. Talking about Bharatpur, people here like to eat kachori for breakfast. Shortbread snacks are manufactured and sold in more than 200 stores and covered. According to the daily consumption figures, the hobby has a shortbread business of Rs 20 to 25 lakhs per day. If the city is visited in the morning, a small bread shop and handcart are not to be found without crowds of people for breakfast. What’s special is that each shop-made shortbread tastes different.

    Seeing the frenzy of the townspeople, the preparation of shortbread breakfast started at the shop from four in the morning. First, the preparation of potatoes and vegetables is done. After preparing the shortbread stuff of lentils, onion, potato etc. hot shortbread stuff is prepared for the customers. In Bharatpur, you will find kachori with raita, green chilli, red chilli chutney in most of the shops. From 6 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, these shops will meet the kachuri lovers well.

    If you come to Bharatpur, definitely try this shortbread.

    A shopkeeper said that in the morning, kachuri are sold more in the city. Kachori of Goddess Ram located in Chowburza Square is very famous in the city. It is said that you are on a journey to Bharatpur and your journey is incomplete if you do not taste Goddess Ram’s Kachori. Here more than 50 shops make Kachodiya of Goddess Ram. It may surprise even the city dwellers that this shortbread once available for 2 paisa is still available for just 2 rupees.

    Apart from this, the demand for Niranjan’s kachori in Ganga temple, Gopal’s kachori in Lakshman temple, Bula kachori in Powerhouse etc. is high. The townspeople first serve a shortbread breakfast and later. A breakfast of shortbread is served early in the morning to visiting relatives. The business of shortbread is booming every day due to the high demand of people.

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