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    People are crazy about boliram ji litti wall, the taste of cashews and raisins is totally different

    Sanandan Upadhyay/Balia. If we talk about the food of the district, Bati is considered to be the most famous. Yes, there is a 35 years old famous Boliram Ji Litti wall shop in Bali, where sattu is made by mixing cashewnuts, almonds, raisins, which is very delicious. There is always a crowd of people there. People come from far and wide to taste the famous litti here.

    Shopkeeper Ankit Kumar Gupta said, ‘This shop was started by my father. Now we and our brother are running this shop together, with hard work and efforts this shop is progressing, people have faith. This store is 35 years old. According to customers, products are prepared here cleanly. The best part is that the district’s most diverse littis, chutneys and salads are also available here, along with the question of what guna Sattur is, there is no answer. Many customers have been found who are crazy about its taste over the years, and they are also seen eating it with great pleasure.

    What is the specialty of litti sattu?
    The specialty of litti sattu here is that it is mixed with pure mustard oil, cashews and raisins etc., which is loved by the customers.

    know the price
    Shopkeeper Ankit Kumar Gupta said, when this shop started, the price of a litti was about three rupees. Now according to the time, the price of one liter has become 10 taka.

    How to reach boliram ji to liti seller
    If you also want to taste the litti here, then definitely come here once. This shop in Boliram Ji Litty Wall is near Ravi Studio, a little away from Ballia Railway Station on Rajdhani Road. Where you can also come and enjoy delicious litties, chutneys and salads.

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