Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    Not made of flour… This is Chena Jalebi, the picture will make your tongue water!

    Chena Jalebi is famous in East Champaran of Bihar. People love its taste not only in Champaran but also in Mumbai and Dubai. This chenna jalebi once made is edible for about 3 days after being removed from the sugar syrup. Most of the people here like to eat it with cream and curd. Report – Nakul Kumar


    The famous Chena Jalebi is made at Sirsa Chowk on Madhubani Ghat Road under Motihari Block of East Champaran.


    To make chenna jalebi, first heat milk and extract chenna from it. This chenna is hand churned for about 20 minutes.


    The third step in making Chena Jalebi is to fry it finely for a specific time.


    After about 15 minutes of thorough cooking, the chenna jalebi starts to turn red. Then it is taken out and kept in sugar syrup.


    After releasing the sugar syrup, the hot chenna jalebi is ready to eat.


    Chena Jalebi reaches the plate after several processes. According to a local shopkeeper, most of his customers prefer chenna jalebi with cream or curd.

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