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    Monsoon is incomplete without these 10 foods, try to enjoy the rain


    A must try hot snack with tea in Monsoon.
    You can easily make these snacks at home too.

    Snacks for Monsoon: The monsoons are raging. The rain brought relief from the intense heat. Many people get wet to taste hot pakoras during this season. Say there is a different joy in eating pakoras during this wet season. If you are a foodie and want to have some fun and tasty snacks other than pakoras, then we are talking about 10 snacks that can multiply the fun of monsoons. 10 Monsoon Snacks You Should Also Try

    If you haven’t had hot pakoras with chai in Monsoon, do it once. Especially the onion and chilli stir fry, you must try them in monsoons. Also, you can try potato, eggplant etc dumplings with spicy chutney.

    You can also enjoy hot samosas in monsoons. Crunchy on the outside and soft and hot on the inside, you should give these snacks a try in the rain. You can also try chickpea dal or tomato chutney if you want. Green Coriander Chutney also enhances the taste a lot.

    pav bhaji
    Pav Bhaji is a very popular dish in Maharashtra, which you can eat anywhere. Nowadays it is found in every corner of India. You can also make it at home very easily. You can start the day with pav bhaji in the rain if you want.

    Vada pav
    Vada pav is also a dish of Maharashtra, which is amazing during monsoons. You can also easily make it at home and eat it with your family.

    There is nothing better than momos during monsoons when it is raining outside. Steamed, fried or tandoori momos with red spicy chutney will double the fun of the season.

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    Onion rings
    If you want to make quick snacks in monsoons, try this snack made with onions. It is also easy to make and can double your rain fun.

    fried potatoes
    This fried potato snack is as unique as it tastes. It’s just as easy to make. You can easily prepare and serve at home in minutes.

    Potato Shortbread
    Aloo garam sabzi and kachori can be the perfect breakfast for monsoons. Make it at home and enjoy the season.

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    Sweet corn masala
    If you don’t like fried snacks, try sweet corn masala in Barsha. It will taste good as well as be good for your health and you will also be able to enjoy the season.

    A potato filled cutlet
    A combination of hot boiled potato tikki with various spices, onion, chutney, curd is perfect snack for monsoons.

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