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    For 50 years people are crazy about this gulab jamun, the taste is such that 1000 pieces are sold every day

    Gaurav Singh/Bhojpur. If you love Gulab Jamun, then you must try Arara Pakdi Chak’s Gulab Jamun. The gulab jamun here has been famous for 50 years. The same taste remains to this day. Gulab Jamun of Vijay Sweets located at Arahar Pakdi Chowk, Bihar is known for best and good quality Ara. Alam that one thousand pieces of gulab jamun are sold in a day.

    Vijay Sweets is one of the oldest stores in Ara. The specialty is that the taste of gulab jamun here has remained the same for the past 50 years. The most important thing is that the ingredients used in making Gulab Jamun are made by the operator of this shop himself. This shop was opened by a man named Vijay. Today his son runs the shop following in his father’s footsteps. Due to which gulab jamun tastes better.

    The story of this Gulab Jamun dates back 50 years
    Guddu, who runs Vijay Sweets, said, ‘My father Vijay started the shop around 50 years ago. Gulabjamun and other sweets are made only by them. But the taste that gulab jamun came from his hand did not come in any other sweet. Since then the sales of Gulab Jamun are high. Now he is old, so me and my brother are running this shop. Many artisans are still associated with father’s work.

    More than 1000 pieces are sold every day
    The shopkeeper also said, ‘We have a stock of gulabjamun ready by day three. Customers who started coming from that time, continued till 11 pm. While other sweets and samosas are also selling well in the shop, gulab jamun is the most in demand. About 1000 pieces are sold every day. Price is Rs.13 per piece.


    First Published: Jul 09, 2023, 15:10 IST

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