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    Bikaner is not only famous for salty… biscuits too, more than 30 varieties are available here

    Nikhil is husband/wife, Biscuit is a food item, which can be eaten anytime, anywhere. In such a situation, hearing Bikaner Biscuits of Rajasthan makes people’s mouths water. Most of the biscuits these days are machine made, due to which people do not like the taste of biscuits. Shivaji Bakery is located in Biscuit Alley near Station Road, Bikaner. Biscuits are made here in desi style. The taste of these biscuits is very delicious. People come here from far and wide to buy it. Actors Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and BJP MP co-star Hema Malini also love the taste of this special biscuit.

    Ramdas Sadarangani, director of Shivaji Bakery, said, since independence, his grandfather and father came to Bikaner from Pakistan, we are running a bakery here. Since 1971, the biscuit kiln is still running here. Biscuits are cooked by burning wood. This doubles the flavor of the biscuits. Apart from biscuits, toasts, cakes etc are also available here. People mostly order biscuits here. He said that desi ghee biscuits are 280 rupees per kg. Where Dalda Ghee Biscuits are priced at Tk 160 per kg. Flavored Biscuits Rs.200 per kg. Saffron Nan Kaitai Special Biscuits Tk 380 per kg. 400 to 500 people come to shop on this street every day. There are six to seven shops on this road where 300 to 400 kg of the product i.e. biscuits are manufactured daily.

    There are many types of biscuits available

    Ramdas said, 30 types of biscuits are available in his bakery shop. These include biscuits made with desi ghee and dalda ghee. Apart from this flour biscuits, semolina, salted flour, fine flour are also available. There are also 30 flavors of biscuits including Cherry, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Chocolate, Peanut, Vanilla Peanut, Poppy, Rose, Naan Katai, Coconut, Cardamom, Naan Katai Flour.

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