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    Amazing way to grow food business… Test food first, pay if you like!

    Aditya Tiwari/Bhopal, many startups have emerged in the past from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. 28-year-old Syed Faisal Ali recently started his food startup in Bazar No. 10 of the city. The young man named his restaurant Kurtos. You will get a wide variety of food in this restaurant, but the most important thing here is its unique policy, that is – pay only if you like the food. Syed Faisal Ali said, under this policy, people who come to the restaurant get the taste first. food is done The customer has to pay only if he likes the food. But if they don’t like the food there, they don’t have to pay.

    Syed Faisal said he always wanted to do business. He previously worked as a marketing manager but later quit and started his own food startup with the help of family members. Faisal’s elder brother helped him financially before starting the restaurant. Syed Faisal’s wife also helped build the restaurant after which he was able to start his startup. His restaurant business is doing well under this unique concept of ‘Pay only when you like the food…’.

    Speaking to News 18 Local, Syed said that he visited Mayanagari Mumbai. Here he ate curritos which he found very tasty. Returning to Bhopal, he started his own startup. Syed said that kurtos are available only in Mumbai and Bhopal, but it is not available anywhere else.

    Why the policy of paying if you like the food?

    Regarding the concept of ‘come and try the food first, pay the price if you like it’, Syed said that he did this to market the food. But there are some customers who come here and take the opportunity to eat and leave. Only two to three people pay the bill after eating. Due to this, even though we faced loss at first, our business has started making profit since last few months.

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