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    A Journey of Taste: Marua is packed with anti-aging properties, it is also effective in preventing infection


    Marua leaves and its juice are considered beneficial in diseases.
    Marua is a plant that is very rich in vitamins and minerals.

    Sawad Ka Safarnama: If you want your food to be a little spicy and full of flavor, definitely use marua leaves in it. If you know the properties of this plant, you will not hesitate to share its information with the public. The reason is that marua slows down the signs of aging. Marua, rich in pungent smell, prevents infection. Marua is an exotic plant, but it has also been growing in India for thousands of years.

    Effect of heat by bringing spices to food

    People all over India will be familiar with marua (sweet marjoram). Must be seen in parks, kitchen gardens, growing where there is green. It belongs to the mint family but its leaves look like basil. Its leaves are characterized by fine hairs on both sides. This plant is well known because its leaves smell like carom seeds. The special thing is that the people of South India love this plant a lot and include it in their diet.

    The people of South India grow this tree abundantly. Image-Canva

    According to food experts, marua leaves are used to impart a hot, aromatic, slightly bitter and bitter taste to food or dishes. In addition to vegetables and salads, it gives a different flavor to sausages, meat, poultry, stuffing, fish, stews, egg dishes. People of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh grow it in abundance in their pots or kitchen gardens. They know its flavor adds a different flavor to food.

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    Ancient exotic plant, but described in Ayurvedic texts

    Marua is considered an exotic plant, but food historians also associate it with Asia and believe it has been grown and used for thousands of years. Food historian and spice expert Jeevan Singh Pruthi in his book ‘Spices and Condiments’ considers marua as a spice and states that it tastes slightly bitter, camphor-like and full of pungent aroma. They believe this perennial plant is native to southern Europe and grows in western Asia, South and North America, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, England and North Africa.

    Fresh or dried leaves of marua are used with great passion to flavor food. On the other hand, Encyclopaedia Britannica says that Marua is native to the Mediterranean region and Western Asia. It has also been used as an herb. Its effect is hot and the fragrance is very pungent. Information about Marua (Gandhatrin) is also given in the ancient text of India ‘Charakasamhita’. According to the book, it is pungent, hot and cleansing.

    Its properties are blood purifier and virucidal.

    Marua is recognized as a spice in food, Ayurveda also considers its leaves and juice beneficial in diseases. Indian herbs. According to well-known Ayurveda expert Acharya Balkishan, who has done extensive research on fruits and vegetables, marua juice kills stomach worms. It is a deodorizer and increases appetite, purifies the blood and protects the body from viruses. Food expert and ayurvedacharya Rama Gupta says all the ingredients needed to slow down the signs of aging are found in marua. Age will appear less when the skin remains radiant, blood free from toxicity, stress free, digestive problems free and heart functioning smooth. The solution to all these is found in this plant, so apart from dieticians, people associated with Ayurveda also promote it.

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    Effective in stress and depression

    Marua is very rich in vitamins and minerals and has no fat and very normal calories. It contains magnesium and potassium which are considered very beneficial for the body. Its oil is considered a panacea for stress. It is also effective in insomnia and depression. It is certain that marua improves the digestive system, increases appetite and also benefits constipation and loose motion. Its consumption is helpful in preventing blood cell damage. It has antioxidant properties that help normalize blood pressure as well as prevent heart problems. Its marua acts as a natural antiseptic that prevents infection. It also has a great feature that it maintains the glow of the skin and helps prevent wrinkles. It has no side effects as it cannot be overdosed due to its pungent smell. If it is put in excess in food, it can spoil its taste. However, people with allergy problems should avoid marua.

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