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    A dessert served after dinner or lunch, try this Caramel Kheer recipe


    The taste of caramel kheer is amazing.
    Caramel kheer is bound to make your tongue water.

    Caramel Kheer Video Recipe: If you want to serve rice kheer as a desert when you have guests at home, then you can try this caramel kheer recipe to give the kheer some special flavor and a different look. People will never get tired of praising you by eating it.

    Let us tell you that the Caramel Kheer recipe is very easy and delicious to eat and look too. This recipe was shared by Instagram user (@hunger_effect) on his account. Let’s learn about the recipe for making caramel kheer.

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    Ingredients for Caramel Pudding
    To make caramel kheer, take a bowl of soaked rice, one liter of full cream milk, chopped cashews-almonds-pistachios as required, one cup of sugar, half a teaspoon of ghee and water as required. Now let’s know how to make caramel kheer.

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