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    6 types of rolls are available at Boxer’s Prem Bawarchi food stall, crowded with lovers in the evening

    Gulshan Singh/Boxer. If you are fond of eating fast food, then you can come to Krishna Cinema Main Road in the city. Here you can eat six types of rolls with delicious taste. Kindly state that in front of Central Public School located on the main road, a stall called Prem Bawarchi Fast Food is set up every day at 4 PM.

    Shopkeeper Prem Prasad said, paneer roll, Manchurian roll, paneer-veg mix roll, chicken roll, egg roll and veg roll are available here. However, fast food lovers’ mouths water when they hear the names of different types of rolls. What would you say if paneer and chicken roll came in such a situation?

    Due to making non-veg rolls, the shop had to change
    Prem Prasad, who has become famous across the city by making delicious rolls in a handcart leaving behind good restaurants, says it has been 20 years since he started the stall. For the first time, he started selling fast food in 2003 by setting up a stall near Durga Mandir located in Turha Toli. Gradually, as the confidence of the customers increases, the sales also increase in the store. He said that 12 years ago, when he started making non-veg rolls at the stall, he moved his cart from near the temple and brought it to the CPS school. Since then Prem Bawarchi fast food rolls have become the first choice of diners.

    This is how the roll is prepared
    Prem Prasad said, to make chicken roll, first stuffing is made by kneading boneless pieces of chicken, then cabbage, onion, beetroot, carrot, salt, capsicum, carrot, tomato sauce, chili sauce, chili powder and chaat masala are made with vegetables. Mix spices, kitchen rajas etc. To make the rolls, heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan on medium heat, then place the rumali roti and bake on both sides. After that we add the vegetables and fry them. Add red chili powder, chicken stock and salt and cook for 4-5 minutes. After adding coriander leaves, an equal amount of stuffing is made in the middle of Rumali bread.

    7 to 8 thousand are sold daily
    Prem said, 6 types of rolls are made in its place. These Paneer Rolls, Mix Rolls, Manchurian Rolls, Veg Rolls, Egg Rolls and Chicken Rolls are prepared in a special way. He said that the price of double egg roll is 40 taka and the price of single roll is 30 taka. The same chicken roll costs Rs 80 and veg roll costs Rs 25, cheese roll costs Rs 40, Manchurian roll costs Rs 40, cheese veg mix roll costs Rs 55. Prem said that more than two hundred rolls are sold every day and there is a business of seven to eight thousand every day.

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