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    2 Rajasthani brothers sell raspberry jalebis in CM Yogi’s town, kids and old go crazy for it

    Rajat Bhatt/Gorakhpur. Gorakhpur, the city of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has a variety of food and drinks. Two brothers from Rajasthan, who have been living here for the past six years, are delighting the residents of the city. Everyone is crazy about his raspberry jalebis. Their jalebis taste so much that people come from far and wide to taste it. What about pedestrians, people park their vehicles here and there enjoying their jalebi sweets. The two brothers, who came to Gorakhpur from Rajasthan, started their sweet journey here six years ago. Everyone here is crazy about the jalebis he makes.

    Two brothers opened a jalebi shop near Asuran Chowk in Gorakhpur six years ago. Ramu shop owner told News 18 Local, we make jopturi jalebi. It is considered to be very famous in Rajasthan. We two brothers have been making and selling here for six years. We are also feeding Jotpuri Jalebi to people from Gorakhpur and other places.

    People come from far and wide to eat jotpuri jalebi

    Ramu’s shop is full of customers all the time, but the crowd increases in the evening. Ramu says shop should be set up at 10 in the morning during winter. Sale lasts till 10pm. Where shops are open till 12 noon in summer and customers keep coming till 11 pm. He said, there is more crowd of buyers at night. Although less people come during the day.

    The price of jopturi jalebi is Tk 140 per kg. Where the price of one pav is 40 rupees. About 30 to 35 kg of Jalebi are sold per day. Sachin, a customer who came to the shop, said that he has been coming to eat these people’s jalebi for two years. They even take it home. Its taste is such that it is fun to eat.

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