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    ‘Tabar’ Web Series Review: Acting Master Class ‘Tabar’

    Husband, wife and children in Punjabi means ‘tabar’. This 8-episode web series released on Sony Liv should be viewed as a master class in excellent acting. This web series, which features experienced and skilled actors, Pawan Malhotra, Supriya Pathak, Ranveer Shore along with the less experienced Gagan Arora, Sahil Mehta and Parambir Cheema team up with writer Harman Wadala and director Ajit Pal Singh. What makes this masterpiece strong? Form given? This is a web series, which is not dependent on time and period, but every thread through the story is woven so delicately that even some odd mistakes are hidden. This rendition of Sony Liv in a good web series is as beautiful as ‘Maharani’.

    Commercial farming has developed in Punjab due to the hard work of intelligent farmers. After years of struggle a system has been developed in agriculture in Punjab. In the agricultural process, the income is due to Bihar-Uttar Pradesh machines and workers. Some politics, some clever tricks of the neighboring countries and largely the money accumulated by the father and grandfather are pushing the boys of Punjab into the drug den. Years have passed, but these stories are still going on. Due to this addiction, crimes are committed and now the middle class youth are also addicted to different types of drugs including char, ganja, heroin, cocaine. Kanda is the story of the problems an ordinary family faces due to a drug smuggling case. Is the desire to live a good life the real reason to commit crime?

    Tubers do wonders. How much can a law-abiding father break the law for the sake of his child, his family? Onkar Singh (Pawan Malhotra), who runs a grocery store, tries to survive in poverty with his wife Sargun (Supriya Pathak) and their two sons Happy (Gagan Arora) and Tegi (Sahil Mehta). Local leader Ajit Sodhi’s (Ranveer Shorey) younger brother Maheep Sodhi (Rachit Bahl) threatens to come to his house for changing bags in the train and Maheep is shot dead in the scuffle. In the later story, Omkar has to commit a series of crimes to save his family from the clutches of the police and ends up having to poison his wife as well.

    Actor Harman Wadala has written a dark story keeping in mind the social structure of Jalandhar (Punjab). With the help of his friend actor Sandeep Jain and a mysterious Mr. Roy, he puts it into a tight script. Every scene in the series is composed with utmost care. The audience was not allowed to take their eyes off even for a moment. There is tension all the time. Every time it seems that maybe this case will be opened and the family will be broken, but the new twist in the story makes the audience think again. Be it Omkar’s cousin Mahajan (Acacia Kochhar) or Omkar’s nephew Lucky (Paramvir Singh Cheema) or Ajit Sodhi’s right-hand man Multan (Ali), in his own way wants to expose or eliminate Onkar and his family. The team of writers must appreciate that Omkar used his brain to save them every time.

    Pawan Malhotra has played Sardar so many times in the past few years that he can’t believe he is not Sardar. Pawan is such an actor that watching him is like attending an acting school. He played the role of Tiger Memon in Black Friday. It seemed that Tiger Memon might be like that. Sometimes a street hawk, sometimes a goon, sometimes a sports coach, sometimes an inspector, Pawan embraces every role. He also played the role of Omkar Singh very well. What a father goes through to save his family and yet his face shows no sense of guilt. The wind is amazing. His eyes are talking. Anxiety, frustration, laughter, so many different expressions flashed on his face with all the enthusiasm. Supriya Pathak played the role of his wife in the film. Sometimes Supriya becomes the smile of Khichdi and sometimes the fearsome Dhankor in Ramlila. Supriya spans the entire rainbow of acting in each of her roles. In this web series as Sargun, Supriya loses her brain balance, her heavy body, addiction to sweet food, insulin injections and watching her husband get killed one after another in front of her eyes has achieved this art. It will be easy to understand its depth. Ranveer Shorey’s role is small but he impresses with his eyes. Paramveer Singh Cheema impresses as a good and honest Inspector Lucky.

    There are some flaws in the screenplay as well. Some characters are useless. Despite all this, the actors chosen for each character are amazing. Casting is done by Mukesh Chhabra and he is considered as the champion of casting in this kind of dark and thriller drama. The script had no chance of taking care of the timeline. Everything is done very easily. Although the first murder was accidental, all subsequent murders were planned. No preparation was made for all this and suddenly the situation turned favorable for Omkar. It contains poison which is also available in blister packs like medicine and the poison can be mixed with water. Happy Mane Gagan has a leg injury which is not healed throughout the series but he snatches the bag from the girl’s shoulder while walking, riding a scooter, driving a car and riding a motorcycle. A series of illogical incidents erodes confidence in the story but Pawan and Supriya pull it off with their performances. The end of the story is touching.

    As in Drishim Ajay Devgan fools the police by resorting to all tricks for his family, the basic story of Tubbar is the same, only Omkar Singh’s character continues to destroy his family’s adversaries without any empathy or compassion. At first, Omkar gets scared. The music for the web series is composed by Sneha Khanwalkar. Sneha traveled to the city of Punjab for the MTV show “Sound Tripping” and gained great knowledge about the music there. Songs written by the Pakistani Muslim saint Baba Farid, who is considered the father of Punjabi language literature, are beautifully used in the sound and kirtan of the Gurdwara. Another amazing artist is behind the camera – Arun Kumar Pandey. All shots are kept very tight. The camera is placed close to the face and because of this you can read the tension in the face and it also puts pressure on your mind. Arun’s camera work has to be admired as you get to see only the important things in each frame. Parikshit Jha’s editing is very good but the cinematic liberties taken in the story lead to scenes that have no reason to be believable.

    It may not be possible for Tuber to spend 5 hours together but try to break it up. Each episode has new thrills, new adventures and new thrills. Sony Liv’s ‘Tabar’ is a story of a Sardar’s house, similar to ‘Ghanna’ released on Hotstar.

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