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    Sonam Kapoor’s Great Comeback, Read How Crime-Thriller ‘Blind’

    Mumbai: Sonam Kapoor has been absent from the big screen for a long time, but now she has made a grand comeback with the digital space. That too without making any noise. Sonam Kapoor starrer crime thriller ‘Blind’ released directly on OTT platform instead of big screen. After four years, viewers are seeing a Sonam Kapoor film, that too live on OTT. Directed by Shom Makhija, the film stars Sonam Kapoor in an important role alongside Purab Kohli. Blind is a thriller film set in Scotland.

    Along with the streaming of the film, Sonam Kapoor’s fans are also a bit surprised. Because the actress did not even promote the film. In such a situation, this surprise surprised everyone. The biggest challenge of thriller films is to retain the thrill in the film. Let’s find out how successful the makers have been in this.

    What is the story of the blind?
    The story of the film begins in Scotland. Police officer Jiya Singh (Sonam Kapoor) takes her brother Adrian (Danesh Rajvi) to a club because he has exams and is partying. Adrien and Zia are orphans, who are adopted by Maria (Lilit Dubey). Adrian wants to be a rapper, so he wants to drop out and go back to the club, but Gia handcuffs him to stop.

    Zia and Adrian fight in the car to get the handcuff keys and the car crashes, where Zia loses her eye and her younger brother. Because of this there is darkness in Zia’s life. Zia, who is dealing with the shock of her brother’s death, doesn’t even have a job now. One night Zia goes to meet her mother. While he is returning from visiting his mother, he meets a psycho killer (Purab Kohli) posing as a taxi driver.

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    The killer disguises himself as a taxi driver and puts Zia in his car. There is an encounter on the way and he somehow escapes from the killer’s clutches. Zia somehow reaches the police but doesn’t get much help. Police officer Prithvi (Vinay Pathak) somehow overhears Jiya’s story and starts investigating the matter. But, he doesn’t know how dangerous and cunning the killer he’s looking for is. After that, the feud between Zia and Killer gets personal. Watch the movie to know what happens next, whether Jiya escapes from this killer or not.

    Director Shom Makhija has produced ‘Blind’, which also has good location and screenplay. Full of suspense and mystery, Blind will keep you in the dark until the end. But the story behind how this psycho killer became a psycho killer is not told in this film. In this case it looks a little flat. Sonam Kapoor steps out of the comfort zone and tries something new and is expected to impress the audience with her role. Blind’s story has power, but still falls a little loose.

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