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    Shiddat Review: In ‘Shiddat’, chewing gum is made sweet by sugar

    Review: Dilip Kumar was a good actor. His brother Nasir did not walk. Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar were good actors, but Anup Kumar was not. Sunil Dutt is a good actor but his brother Somdutt did not work. Something similar might happen to Vicky Kaushal’s brother Sunny Kaushal. However, Vicky Kaushal is known for more than her acting prowess, for How the Josh in “Uri” or for being Katrina Kaif’s boyfriend at the moment. Sunny Kaushal’s first film as a lead actor in the film family, ‘Shiddat’ was recently released on Disney + Hotstar. The film is good in pieces, fill it with the rest of the popular formula and make this chewing gum sweet by adding sugar.

    Joginder Dhillon aka Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) is a funny guy. At any wedding, one gets in to drink and eat for free. Plays hockey, laughs all day and nothing makes a big difference in his life. Goes with his friends on a mission to intercept the girls’ swimming team, takes pictures without asking them, and seduces a swimming girl named Kartika (Radhika Maidan). Within a few days he was so in love that he moved to London to marry her. There are many obstacles in his way to go to London illegally. As Gautam (Mohit Raina), an Indian Foreign Service officer in Paris, Jaggi tries various tricks to get to Kartika with his help, such as swimming the 560 km long English Channel to reach London from France. Karthika could never believe that anyone could love her so much. Chasing the girl all day seems to be good news for the boys while Kartika’s love for Jaggi also awakens in his heart. Will Jaggi and Kartika be able to meet, will Jaggi’s wish come true, you have to watch the film to see this.

    Let’s start with acting. Sunny Kaushal looks like a Delhi goon. Loofer variety. Madhuri has one answer to every problem – Hey, what’s the big deal? They also take pictures of girls swimming and make them go viral on social media. Plays hockey part-time and watches the girl also gives her motivational coaching to win in swimming. Sunny has played this character with great sincerity but the result will be that he will probably get a similar role. It might be difficult to see him in any role other than College Punjabi. Father Shyam Kaushal was a stunt master in Hindi films. Sanyo walks around with six pack abs and has no qualms about taking off his clothes. In the last moments of the film, a little face turns serious and he really starts to look like an illegal immigrant.

    Radhika Madan’s character is very well done. New age girl. He sneaks into the boys’ locker room and takes pictures of them while they shower. Confusion persists throughout the film. She is a present day girl. Spending one night with a stranger doesn’t worry about commitment the next day. Facial expressions are also good, but all expressions start to look almost the same. He also overacts in the last scenes to make him look downright uncomfortable. What were Mohit Raina, Diana Penty and at least half a dozen actors and characters doing in the film? Why were his characters even written? It was first seen working at the embassy, ​​ferrying illegal immigrants around the city at their convenience. Mohit Raina’s acting is good, the role is rubbish. Diana Penty should stop dreaming of acting, it’s none of her business.

    The story is jointly written by Sridhar Raghavan and Dheeraj Ratan. Looking at the picture, some things are clearly visible. The characters are of course penned by Sridhar and his moves are the brainchild of Dhiraj. Dheeraj has written at least half a dozen Punjabi films so far and his imprint is visible in all of Sunny’s scenes. The dialogues written by Pooja Ladha Surti are good, especially the Sunny Kaushal parts. Mohit Raina’s words of Darshan are not good. The entire focus is on Sunny Kaushal, so funny conversations have also become his part. The music of this film is by Sachin Jigar and better. But due to the OTT release, the song’s promotion time is less. Sri Lankan singer Yohani, whose viral song “Manike Mage Heete” hit the lips, also sang a song in the film. Qawali “Akhian Udiq Diyaan” sung by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the recreated version was used extensively in this film and Johani also sang the same song. The title track of Shiddat is also good.

    This is director Kunal Deshmukh’s first film in which he did not cast Emraan Hashmi. Earlier he has done 4 films with Hashmi. Emraan Hashmi’s character will be seen in Sunny’s role. Direction is good. The problem is with the story. I didn’t believe the characters. Chasing a girl, forcing her to find absurd ways to flirt, then falling madly in love to do the hardest things in the world to get a girl, finding some messianic type of usurper along the way. These are very boring story-plots. If the shooting of the film was not done outside the country, then maybe it would have been so heavy. What’s the fun of sweetening it with sugar when the sweetness of chewing gum is gone?

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