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    Review: The story would have breathed in ‘Keep Breathing’ if not for the plot conflict

    Review ‘Keep Breathing’: “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks has been ranked highest among the world’s best survival drama films. When a plane crashes, Tom falls into the ocean and ends up on an island. Not a single person lives on the entire island. Tom lived alone on the island for four years. The story of Cast Away is a document of these 4 years depicting loneliness, isolation, the desire to talk to a man who has to rely on that island for food and the vast ocean that stretches ahead.

    He paints a football with his blood, faces it and talks to him thinking he is his friend. Survival is the struggle of life, some innocent and some very heartbreaking. Cast Away was released in 2000. After 22 years, a survival drama series “Keep Breathing” has been released on Netflix, with a similar plot to Cast Away but a script so trashy that after watching it, viewers might think of themselves as a survivor. Although there is only a 6-episode mini-series, it’s better to watch Cast Away one more time than to waste time watching it.

    Liv (Melissa Barrera) is a dashing lawyer who has to go to trial with some important documents. He boarded a small plane with only the pilot, co-pilot and no one else. The plane crashed due to a technical fault. As Liv and co-pilot Sam (Austin Stowell) arrive on an island, the pilot is trapped in the seat and dies inside the plane after it sinks. After a while, Sam also died.

    After that, Liv has to stay on that island, understand the island and find a way out. The story is great, but the screenplay suffocates the story. Every time Liv tries to get out, they hide somewhere, but through flashbacks, Liv’s ever-changing relationships with her mother, her father, and her boyfriend, enter the story and consume Luv’s survival story. After a while it looks like flashback scenes will give Liv some way to survive on the island but alas nothing of the sort happens. The truth is that some flashback scenes seem forced.

    Melissa Barrera is a Mexican actress and she has appeared in many TV series but her role in this web series was written without any understanding. He is a lawyer, but underwater, he holds his breath for long periods of time like a skilled diver, trying to save his pilot and co-pilot. He uses glass to burn thousands of dollar bills to set the island on fire. It’s another matter that he has a lighter that might have worked again if it was dry. Why burn all the notes? He cannot catch fish to eat in the forest, but he eats wild berries with great pleasure, when it is very difficult to find which berries are not poisonous.

    As long as he lives in the forest he does not get any disease which is almost impossible. There is only one bear on the island that attacks co-pilot Sam. Sam is already injured but Liv shouts from a distance and chases the bear away. That bear is never seen again in the entire series, let alone any other animal. When Sam dies, he buries Sam alone in a hole and never once thinks to check Sam’s pockets. Sam has a nice jacket that might come in handy in the cold but Liv doesn’t take it off either. There are so many flashback scenes in this script full of idiots by the dozen that if you fast forward them and just watch the survival scenes, it’s all over in one episode. Don’t know what troupe think writers Ituri Sosa, Brendan Gall and Martin Gero wrote. Best of all, Liv’s makeup isn’t bad at all.

    After a long climb, Liv reaches a place where there is a high flowing river, Liv jumps into it (she doesn’t get hurt, not even hitting a rock) and is killed by two people in the next 15-20 seconds. They came out of the river and brought him to the shore and he was saved. Series is over. As a viewer, you feel so betrayed that something might happen next in Liv’s life, that there’s a change, or that she’s changed her mind, you don’t even bother to show it. The weirder the series ends, the more weird the head feels when it hits the wall. The drama of survival involves pain, suffering, suffering, physical and mental suffering, food shortages, struggle to store clean drinking water and not knowing what happens. But everything is missing in Keep Breathing. You should also be absent rather than a spectator. Time is wasted

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