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    ‘Rangbaaz Season 3’ Review: Watch Baahubali’s Scary Color Educated in Bihar Politics

    Review ‘Rangbaaz Season 3’: ‘Rangbaaz: Dar Ki Politics’ recently released on ZEE5, the third season of this web series. In just 6 episodes, it tells the story of a Baahubali from Bihar, who makes his mark first in state politics and later in national politics, but ends up cheated. The story is based on the characters of Bihar leaders Mohammad Shahabuddin, Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar, but the web series is written in such an interesting way that fictional events are also seen to entertain the audience.

    This is the third season of ‘Rangbaaz’ series. The first season featured the story of Sri Prakash Shukla, a dreaded gangster from Uttar Pradesh. An ordinary boy who goes to avenge his sister’s molestation and accidentally kills a man with his gun. Because of that mistake, how a simple boy became the target of the police special task force, why his actions went against the law, how politicians took advantage of his intelligence and muscle and when he was sentenced to death.

    The second season of Rangbaaz was inspired by the character of Rajasthan’s most wanted Anandpal Singh. Jimmy Shergill gave his best performance in it. The third season stars the highly talented Vineet Kumar in the lead role. The innocence of her face, the art of always keeping her emotions in check and her ability to not express her feelings through her mouth, did Neet well. This series is worth watching. It has more credibility and less abuse than other crime web series.

    Crime is Crime The formula for most movies and web series based on crime is pretty much set. A normal man has to pick up a gun in the situation and he kills his harasser. Before this sense of redemption surrounds him, step by step he gets involved in crime and politics plays with his life under the guise of protecting him. When his usefulness is exhausted or his existence becomes a threat to the lives and careers of the leaders, he is killed by the police or special task forces. This season of Rangbaaz is the story of Shah Ali Bagh of Dhiwan village in Bihar. Believing in love, a college student who thinks of his friend the most, Shah Ali Bagh ventures into the real estate business and gradually becomes powerful. His swift move brings him close to Lakhan Roy (Acting Powerhouse Vijay Maurya), a notorious and prominent mass leader of Bihar. At the instigation of Lakhan Roy, Shah Ali Bag does everything at gunpoint to maintain Lakhan Roy’s political credibility and hold the chair.

    Although Shah Ali Bagh is very much loved by the judges, the items of power and the intoxication of power, which is not done, are less. When his childhood best friend studies from Delhi and becomes a Communist Party candidate, Lakhan Rai kills him due to his growing dominance so that Shah Ali remains dominant. Politics takes his friend’s life, Shah Ali grieves but cannot atone. Lakhan Rai is going to be the Chief Minister of Bihar and Shah Ali is trying to save his politics and chair by all means right and wrong. Innocent people are often killed through these misdeeds. In the end, Lakhan Roy sacrificed Shah Ali’s political career to save his chair. Saddened by this deception, Shah Ali nevertheless helps Lakhan Rai to dismiss all cases against him. On the day Shah Ali is about to be released from prison, another innocent criminal father kills him in prison to avenge the murder of his sons.

    This series gets its strength from his writing. Writer Siddharth Mishra has done wonders for the third season in a row. The screenplay and dialogues of this season are better than the first two seasons in every aspect. Due to the tight script, fewer episodes were worked on. In Dhiwan, the story of Shah Ali’s transformation from college student to Baahubali is not given much attention, so as not to make the mistake of glorifying crime. The mistakes that marred the screenplays of Rangbaaz’s first and second seasons are completely gone from this season. Instead of becoming Baahubali, the emphasis is on Shah Ali’s personal life and the good things in that life. The visual format is also such that it doesn’t try to incite violence but the gruesome events are filmed very subtly so that no one has any reason to follow it. Web series Mirzapur has a lot of crime glory but this season of Rangbaaz is completely logical. In the first scene, Shah Ali uses his powers to force the boy and girl’s parents to say yes to an inter-caste marriage. When they make love in college, Manohar discusses Shyam Joshi’s novel in front of Sana (Akanka Singh). Such a form of love performance was seen after a long time.

    Without praising Vineet Kumar. I think he is Shah Ali. His view is completely different. He did not get a chance to act like this before. Dozens of police stormed his house, then he along with his comrades took up machine guns and counterattacked the police, but somehow surrendered fearing his wife and young son. Vineet made me cry in that scene. Akanksha Singh plays his wife Sana, who was recently seen in Ajay Devgn’s film Runway 34 and Disney Hotstar’s web series Escape Live. The love story of Vineet and Akanksha is not as trivial as it seems to the audience. Sana learns that her husband Shah Lee has become Baahubali, based on which she becomes an MLA and then an MPO, but she understands her husband and has to give it all up for her child’s future. Don’t fuss over it. Even when Shah Ali is imprisoned and unable to contest elections, he contests as his proxy candidate, wins and threatens all the independent MLAs, Lakhan Rai. Such a character is not often seen. Sana is made practical rather than cunning and when she goes in front of Lakhan Rai, she doesn’t seem like a virgin or a crook or a trickster.

    Calling Vijay Maurya a powerhouse of talent is an apt adjective. Although Vijay came to films from the theater world, he chose to act. Vijay directs ad films for his livelihood. More than 150 commercials have been produced so far. He played the role of Dawood Ibrahim in the 2004 Anurag Kashyap film Black Friday and this role of only 10 dialogues and 2-3 scenes was overshadowed by other actors’ larger roles. Lakhan Rai’s character is similar to Lalu Prasad Yadav’s character but he is not sloppy in making fun. In just one scene, when he sings “Jogira Sara Rara” with his disciples in his bungalow, or talks to reporters after returning from jail, he appears as a villager and village leader. In the film, the characters influenced by Lalu Prasad Yadav are written like caricatures. Vijay Maurya’s Lakhan Rai in Rangbaaz is not a comedian and Vijay doesn’t even let Kalandar’s mood dominate the character. Prashant Narayan plays the role of a police officer in the web series. His character is also based on a real Sivan’s SP Ratna Sanjay. Fed up with Shah Ali’s law-breaking habits, when the SP wants to file a case against him, he is unable to do anything due to political pressure. Despondent, he stormed Shah Ali’s house with his entire army. A fierce shootout ensues, but Shah Ali is arrested to save his wife and child, and the weapon recovered from his house is extremely rare, which the police don’t even cut. Prashant’s voice is strong, his personality is good, but this time he looks a bit fat and unprepared. Rajesh Tailang and Gitanjali Kulkarni’s roles are small and effective as they are such accomplished players that they overpower the rest of the cast in one scene.

    A lot of research has been done on Rangbaaz Season 3 and it is clearly visible in the writing. Whatever the crime, it is extremely unglamorous. The politics that exist are not crooked or cunning politics. When Lakhan Rai joins hands with his arch-rival and sacrifices Shah Ali’s politics, his commitment and practical decision are also visible on his face. Director Sachin Pathak and writer Siddharth Mishra seem to be maturing more and more with every season. One thing that is better this season is that the title track of Rangbaaz has been removed. He was very hoarse and ear-piercing. Nikhil Parihar joined hands with Parikshit Jha in editing this time. Scissors have been used ruthlessly to maintain the pace of the story and eliminate any possibility of deviating from the main story.

    In this web series many incidents of Shah Ali are similar to Shahabuddin’s life but the touch of Shah Ali’s personal life is interesting. Girls’ schools, city hospitals, her scheme to pay Rs 25 for doctor’s fee and many such social good works are also part of her, which makes the web series very easy to go and has little impact. Shah Ali is also shown to have a fondness for Sheroshayari which does not seem to be forced due to Veeneet’s acting talent. He has been the best so far this season. It has to be seen.

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