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    Netrikan Review: Netrikan is the official remake of the Korean film “Blind”.

    Leader Review: Sriram Raghavan’s Andhadhun in 2018 or Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil in 2017, both films had the lead characters blind and still managed to face and eliminate the enemy by playing their tricks. If you like these two movies, surely you will like Tamil movie Netrikan too. Although the film is a little long and takes a long time to reach the climax, about 70-75% of the film is so good that you cannot take your eyes off the film. Although it is an official remake of the Korean film “Blind”, the film is worth watching.

    In the past few years, Korean movies have quickly become famous all over the world due to OTT. Thriller film Masala ready for Hindi film. Zinda, Ek Villain, Bharat, Rocky Handsome and even Radha’s stories are taken from Korean films. Some are official remakes and some are cases of piracy. Producers Hyunwoo Thomas Kim and Vinesh Sivan have bought the rights to “Blind”. Although this Ahn Sang-hoon film didn’t create much of a storm, the Tamil adaptation brought the film to life thanks to Nayantara. Nayanthara and producer Vinesh have been dating each other for 6 years and are also planning to get married. Recently, superhit Tamil director Atlee (Theri, Mersal, Bigil) signed Nayanthara opposite Shah Rukh Khan in her first Hindi film.

    Netrikan is the story of Durga (Nayanthara), a CBI officer who loses her beloved half-brother and her own sight in an accident. As a blind man, he slowly tries to relive his life when he mistakes a car for a taxi. The taxi driver tries to kidnap her but due to an accident, Durga is saved. After registering the complaint with the police, it is handed over to Manikandan, a police officer who is the most neglected cop in the police station. Driven by Durga’s memory, Manikandan tries to solve the case and arrests the culprit based on the testimony of a courier boy. After hitting him, the culprit ran away. At this time Durga unknowingly takes the courier boy to his orphanage. The criminal reaches there and is then beaten to death by Durga in the dark.

    There are four important characters in the film. Durga i.e. Nayanthara who is the lead actress of the film. Doctor John i.e. Ajmal Amir who is the main criminal of the film is mentally ill. Manikandan as a dim-witted cop and Sharan as a courier boy. Ajmal Aamir has given Nayantara full scope to showcase her acting skills. The director also redeemed it completely. Nayantara, known as a lady superstar in Tamil films, has done a great job as a blind girl.

    His half-brother loses his life because of this and his regret is visible on his face throughout the film. Nayantara’s facial expressions are clearly seen in important scenes and the audience can understand the reason for her popularity. Be it during the psycho killer’s phone call or sitting in the seat opposite to the psycho killer in the metro, Nayanthara acts strong, trying to control herself. Dilip Keshavan’s action is somewhat violent as per Nayanthara’s powers and resistance to the blind. No other actress except Nayantara could do such action.

    Ajmal’s character is a gynecologist doctor who illegally performs abortions on young girls. Actually he is a mental patient so he killed his wife. Ajmal hates but is not afraid. Despite acting in many films, this film seems to have a lot to learn. His attitude is weak. Manikandan played the best role in the film. A low intelligence police officer who is not at all supported by his superiors and also tells Durga this and wants to solve the case using his CBI officer brain. The audience’s love for the policeman is awakened so easily from the very first scene. Saran’s portrayal of the courier boy Gautam is good, just lacks a bit of maturity in his acting.

    The story and screenplay of the film is like a Korean film, the dialogues are written by Naveen Sundarmurthy and Senthilkumar, which is normal. The most raw part of the writing is the character of the villain. She easily commits all crimes and her story behind getting rid of unwanted pregnancy by becoming a gynecologist is very strange. The reason for making it a psycho killer seems very sad and a little weird. Editor Lawrence Kishore should have shown some work here. More than half of the film is very well edited but after that, the film drags till the climax. Sometimes it seems like the movie is over but the movie still goes on.

    The film should be watched for Nayantara’s performance. Director Milind Rao has done well in directing. The tension remained for a long time as to what would happen next, only the last 20 minutes were amazing. The picture can be seen. In view of this. Tamil director Miskin’s film “Psycho” (2020) starring Udayanidhi Stalin and Aditi Rao Hydari may be remembered but there is a difference in mood between the two films. There the hero is behind the villain and here the villain is behind the heroine. Check it out, you’ll like it.

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