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    Kshir Sagar Mathanam Review: ‘Kshir Sagar Mathanam’ is a good idea even on a low budget

    We have all read the story of the churning of the ocean as children. In order to obtain nectar, the gods and demons churned the ropes of the serpent Vasuki by placing Mandar Parbat on the back of Lord Vishnu’s Kurma avatar (tortoise) in the ocean. This place is called Kshir Sagar and here Vishnu along with his consort Lakshmi resides in the bed of the last serpent. The legend has nothing to do with the Telugu film ‘Ksheer Sagar Madhanam’, but why writer-director Anil Pangaluri chose this name is a matter of research. There are 7 oceans in the world and this film also has 7 main characters, whose problems in life churn them well. Although the film is small budget, the basic concept of the film is very interesting.

    In the 2007 film “Happy Days”, directed by Sekhar Kamula, the story of how eight college friends share the joys and sorrows of their lives, starting from class. Kshir Sagar Mathnam is said to be the unannounced sequel of “Happy Days”. The story of the film till the interval feels quite half-baked, wasting precious time to establish a character, but after the interval, the film gets some thrill and starts enjoying the film.

    Kshir Sagar Mathnam has 6 software engineers who work in the organization that handles Aadhaar card data. Seventh runs the same software company’s Cab. Omkar (Sanjay Kumar) lost his way in the light of the city and started evading money on alcohol-cigarettes-drugs and women. Even after taking a loan from the village, his father is sending money as per his wishes. Yogesh (Priyanth), who is a workaholic, takes out his work frustrations on his wife and his son. Govinda (Gautam Shetty) who is on loan to get married. Veerita (Karisma Srikar) enjoys teasing boys. Bharat (Mahesh Komula) can’t do anything right in life.

    Ishita (Akshata Sonavane) who is looking for her childhood love and her childhood love grows up to be Rishi (Manas Nagulapalli) who drives a cab for this software company. In addition to all this, a terrorist uses a new technique to insert explosives into the body in such a way that it cannot be detected in any way. This terrorist aims to eliminate the software company. All these friends can stop this terrorist or not, that is to be seen. This film did not do much in theaters while the film entertained.

    The beginning of the film gives a lot of hope to the story but the track of terrorism is completely forgotten. First all Aadhaar card data is deleted from government computers and then these friends are trapped in a conspiracy to delete from software company (Q base). The performances of all the actors are simple. Sanjay Kumar’s father Brahmaji is a very big character artist in the Telugu film industry and some of his qualities definitely come through in Sanjay, but not enough of them. Gautam Shetty is uncomfortable. Mahesh Komula should not be acting, he seems to be doing comedy only. Manas has all the spice to be a commercial hero in Telugu films, so he is seen doing dance, action, dialogues and washing goons in this kind of story.

    Akshta Sonawane has had a long list of controversies on MTV’s reality show Splitsvilla. Many of his scenes were very daring. However, he could not do any work in this film. The film’s story and screenplay is written by Anil Pangluri and VNV Ramesh Kumar has been roped in for the dialogues. There was a lot of leeway in the screenplay as the director decided to give each character a story and also made the mistake of showing their back story. As long as the characters are understood, the film feels too slow.

    Due to the low budget the scale of the film was small and hence less experienced actors were cast. This film could have been better if all three sections of this film were good. Cinematographer Santosh Shanmoni has shown a low budget in the look of the film. The background music of the film was good but the songs of the film were weak. Small artistes often suffer due to lack of popular songs. The third and last section where good work is most needed is editing. Banshi Atluri is new but doesn’t seem to have any talent from her work. The film is fine. can see. The second half is good for the health of the film.

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