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    ‘Ghar Wapsi’ Review: Millions of people who agree with the web series ‘Ghar Wapsi’ will get

    ‘Ghar Wapsi’ Review: In 2011, journalist Nilesh Mishra started a show on a private FM radio station – Yadan Ka Idiot Box. The youth who started their life from a small town are rushing to big cities and metros in search of jobs and careers. After spending some days in a state of confusion, they find their land in the sky of that metropolis. After spending a few years, separated from his family, something happens that makes him miss his hometown. When the call of the heart takes it back to its own home, to its own city, its soil seems very dry for a while, but after a few days the mind, accustomed to being free, wants to go back to the narrow. The roof of its metropolis.

    Sometimes the situation is such that the metropolis rebukes and then the small town floating on a small river is thrown out of that sea. He has to go back to his house where he is met by strangers, but after a few days the same pickles, the same vegetables and the same lad prevent him from planting in his soil. When a boy who moves from a small town to a big city in search of a dream is fired from his job, he reaches home and tries to rewind life a few years. Every moment spent with the family, which he threw from the skyscrapers of that metropolis, could be lived. Ghar Wapsi, a web series by Disney+ Hotstar, is a bittersweet story of finding one’s roots in life. A series to watch.

    Shekhar Trivedi (Vishal Vasishtha), who works in a software company in Bangalore, is fired from his job. A job where everyone appreciates his work but his department is closed. After selling his savings and car etc., for a few months, he gets EMIs, but eventually has to go back to his family in his hometown, Indore. His father, who has run a travel agency for nearly 30 years, a loving but tight-lipped mother, a brother who dreams big and schemes like a small-town boy, and a younger sister who first looks after her brother but now she Hides everything from him.

    The equation within the family is upset. Shekhar starts looking for a job but after a few days he tries to paint his father’s travel agency in a new light. The rest of the time, he continues to try to bring back the moments he spent with his family. The mood of a jobless son in a middle-class family is well portrayed in this web series. Some scenes are amazing.

    Writer duo Bharat Mishra and Tatsat Pandey have been writing short films, web series and branded content in digital media for the past few years. Tatsat is resident of Indore and hence Indore is covered in back home. Small things in the town are sprinkled with fun in the story and Shekhar’s classmate Darshan Bafna (Ajitesh Gupta) is a tough Indori. Her language, her way of speaking, her expressions, her reactions and most of all her acting is totally Indo.

    Ajitesh has been acting for many years but is best known as a dastango. Ajitesh became Khusro and what a miracle in his show “Jo Duba So Paar” written, directed, acted and staged on Aamir Khusro. Ajitesh himself is a resident of Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh. Towards the climax, when Vishal Vashishta tells him that you are jealous of me because I have friends like you but you don’t, Ajitesh’s eyes tear everyone up. Saad Bilgrami from Uttar Pradesh plays the younger brother Sanju. He was recently seen in Gullah, followed by an important role in Khuda Hafeez 2. What a wonderful performance Saad! He has become a younger brother. That too in a small town.

    It seems that he is the younger brother of Saad Sahib in his personal life as well. Akanksha Kaushik played the role of the younger sister. The story of love and relationship takes a turn when the real fantasy of the family gets disturbed, because of Suruchi (Akanka) and then Akanksha talks a lot in polite face. Biva Chhibbar storm. She is a mother and she is a complete mother, married in a very small town, a mother who follows certain rituals, sees new versions of reality from her children again and again, teases, mourns but the mother cannot. Atul Srivastava played the role of the father. They rob the entire series of scenes protecting their garden plants by listening to mantras.

    Homecoming is wonderful. Almost everyone who watched this mini series of 6 episodes is missing its days. He remembers all the festivals he missed due to office work. He also remembers Diwali which he tackled with just two days off. He remembers the calls of his brother, sister, mother, father, friends and relatives that he did not attend because he was in a meeting. She remembers every birthday, commemorating the anniversary, which she sent bouquets and cakes online to celebrate. He can see the ridiculous purchases he spent money on without thinking, the parties he celebrated with his work-friends and the holidays where he didn’t even think about his family for a moment.

    This is homecoming success. Good story, good script, good dialogues, good acting, good direction leave everything, the series is successful if you cry once watching Ghar Wapsi. Kudos to Ruchir Arun for an amazing director. He also continued to fulfill minor demands of the script and went on to film the series. Indore himself appeared in a character in this series. The details of the city must have been written by Tatsam, but the idea of ​​bringing them to the screen was amazing.

    Ghar Wapsi’s success shows that even in a big city only small town people do wonders, only because of their wrong intentions and mind, these small town people lose themselves in corporate politics. When the whole country becomes a big city, innocence, sweet language, intimacy, love, meaningless relationships, values ​​will also disappear somewhere. They have to be saved from getting lost. If you want to refresh your roots memories, check out Ghar Wapsi. Crying is also loud, because even in years of loneliness there is no place and reason to cry. Thanks to the writers, directors, actors and producers of this series. It should make some more parts, this time it should be a story showing the progress of A1 Travel Agency.

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