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    Film Review: ‘Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’: A Movie Made Of Memes, Where Does The Story Come From?

    Punjabi singer Jassi Gill’s music career is going well, but she also has a distinct passion for acting, due to which she acted as the hero in many Punjabi films and then after doing great work in Hindi films from ‘Happy Phir Bhaag Jaegi’. ‘Panga’ opposite Entree Marie and Kangana Ranaut, he now plays a simple boy from small town Bareilly in the much-loved meme film ‘Kaya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’. This film looks like Jassi Gill will probably ride the boat both singing and acting, if he opts for a similar film.

    India has no shortage of heartbroken lovers. 80% of the country’s population is either in love or in love. The remaining 20% ​​of the population is married and they are unhappy with it. A few years ago someone wrote in a ten rupee note with a ballpoint pen – Sonam Gupta is unfaithful. That note went around a lot and then some other Diljal lovers put it on the internet and circulated it for free. The note became popular and memes were created on it.

    Seeing this, writer-director Sourav Tyagi got the idea of ​​making a film. In search of true love, Sintu (Jasi Gill), a straight boy, falls in love with Sonam Gupta (Suravi Jyoti), a modern girl from his town, who is shocked by his money by promising to marry her. In the beginning of the story, Sonam gives her number to Sintu by writing it on a ten rupee note, then after being tricked, Sintu angers Bazar by writing ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ on a ten rupee note.

    Until this note comes to the film and goes viral, the story is just a formula. Small town. Mother’s love does not work, even after completing his studies till 12th, he spends money on father’s money. I have a lingerie shop in Baba Bazaar. The girl is fast, modern and likes to hang out with similar guys, her parents are worried about her marriage. Such love stories abound in small towns and cities of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh. The only difference is that in these love stories, the marriage is not due to the parents/caste of the girl or because of the failure of the boy. The girl’s dream of making her career in films is shattered.

    The swearing is kept free in the film, as it is important to give an authentic feel of Uttar Pradesh and people swear frequently there. A story of unmarried boys and their one-sided love for a girl that ultimately ends in a bottle of beer. Some guys are starving who do nothing but stare at girls all day. Jassi Gill is a bit ahead of him as he has ambitions to do everything on a grand scale. This episode adds an element of occult disease to the story. There are smiles in many parts of the film. Jassi did a good job. Surbhi Jyoti is well known to those who watch television serials. His performance seems fake as it is difficult to find characters like him in a city like Bareilly. The television experience came in handy and so did his character. The real fun comes from Surekha Sikri, Atul Srivastava, Viva Chhibbar and Brijendra Kala, though their characters seem very boring. Vijay Raj is completely ruined. His character lacks the novelty of new meaning.

    The only problem with creating a meme story is creating a story around it. There are some songs in the film which are good. Most of the songs are remix type so suitable. Rochak Kohli’s Big Shameless Lover or Rahul Mishra’s First Love, both are full of fun. The highlight of the film is Mata Ke Jagran, Payal Dev’s song ‘Wallpaper Maiya Ka’ in which Divya Kumar reminds Narendra Chanchal. Cinematography of the film is done by RM Swamy and edited by Shailesh Tiwari. work is fine ‘Kaya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ is a cute film if you can tolerate a bit of swearing in the film. can see. While Saurabh Tyagi should be congratulated for daring to make a film out of just a meme, the next time someone else does something like this, hope so. A weak story is overpowered by good acting. Next time you might not be able to run.

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