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    Film Review: ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is full of special effects and action

    Monster movies have a history and craze of their own in Hollywood. However, many films are based on an unknown animal, such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Host, or animation films such as Monsters University or Monsters Inc. After all, there is a film franchise where films were made about two types of monsters and then there came a time when a series of war films between the two monsters were made. ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is the fourth film in the series, which was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. The picture is amazing. If you are a fan of monster movies, this is a must watch.

    Godzilla is a Japanese franchise that has spawned 36 films since 1954. Godzilla was originally produced by Toho, a well-known Japanese film and theatrical production and distribution company. This land and water monster looks like a ‘stegosaurus’, a type of dinosaur. Monsters are called kaizo in Japan, and most of the Godzilla films refer to the social and political climate of Japan at the time, and sometimes refer to mythology. Of the 36 Godzilla films, the first 32 were produced by Toho, 1 by Tri-Star Pictures, and 3 by Legendary Pictures. At the same time, the King Kong franchise is American and has been running since 1933. So far it has been produced by Toho, Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros. A total of 12 films were produced in this series and almost all of them were successful at the box office. Inspired by the success of King Kong, Toho started the Godzilla series.

    In the story of the film, a company called Apex Cybernetics creates a mechanical Godzilla that can be controlled by mind but uses King Kong to power it, called “Halo Earth”. “I have to go. . . It is believed that all monsters originate from this “Hallow Earth” and that their power comes from there. Due to the mechanical Godzilla, the real Godzilla attacks and destroys Apex’s headquarters. The owner of Apex is cleverly expert scientist Nathan. Lind (Alexander Skarsgård), enlists Kong expert Eileen Andrews and her adopted daughter Gia to send King Kong to “Hello Earth.” Gia is the last child of the Maori iwi clan, and being deaf and hard of hearing, she communicates with Kong in sign language and Kong obeys his word.

    In the process of finding the Hollow Earth, King Kong and Godzilla face off, and Godzilla defeats Kong in battle. Then the mechanical Godzilla comes and wants to destroy the real Godzilla. A wounded Kong destroys the mechanical Godzilla with energy brought from Hollow Earth. If the real Godzilla is victorious with Kong’s help, he does not fight Kong and leaves.

    Ben Cersin, who has been the cinematographer of big budget films like Transformers, World War G, The Mummy, has shot this sci-fi film. Although this film is made for big screen viewing, its scale can be estimated on OTT as well. Ben’s work is an important part of the film’s success. In such films, through editing, the length of the introduction is adjusted between the human characters and the monsters. It shouldn’t feel like it’s just a movie about monsters, or that the monsters have very little to do. Editor Josh Shaffer, with his editing skills on Pacific Rim and many other popular films, keeps the pace and balance of the story interesting, and the thrills are maintained throughout this film. The background music of the film is given by Tom Tom Hulkenberg aka Junky Axel which is awesome. Its soundtrack is so good that it can be heard outside the film.

    The soul of a Sky-Fi movie lies in its special visual effects, and the visual effects supervisor for Godzilla vs. Kong is John Desjardins, a.k.a. DJ, who was the visual effects supervisor for many major Hollywood movies such as Mission Impossible, The Matrix series. , the X-Men series. In this film he has left the influence of all his films. Whether it’s Kong’s facial expressions or his battle with Godzilla, both scenes are so beautiful that you sympathize with him instead of being destroyed by the monster. DJ is currently converting the first film in the Star Wars series to 4D. This film is another milestone in his illustrious career.

    Godzilla vs. Kong is a very grand, very big and very well made movie. As such monster movies are not made in India, one can tell by watching. But this film should not be seen as just a monster film and this film has a lot to learn from the nuances of good script, good background music, great visual effects and great action. A must watch if you are a fan of watching monster movies.

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