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    Doctor Review: A comedy stunt has been inserted in Doctor Movie by performing an operation.

    Mumbai: There is no comedy in the protagonist of the film or the story is not meant to have some funny scenes in it, but you are always confused while watching the Tamil film “Doctor”. What kind of picture? Should this movie be considered? Is it an action film? Is it a love story? Is it a detective story? Is it a comedy film? After all, what is a doctor? After much searching, you may find the answer that a comedy stent has been inserted into the action of the unwanted open heart operation to make the picture worth watching. It is such a long and moving film that you will not like it, though it is the third most successful Tamil film to hit theaters this year.

    The protagonist of the film is an army doctor and wants to live a law-and-order life by keeping his profession instead of passion. At a wedding, he sees a girl dancing and laughing and goes to visit her family members. The girl refuses but the cat’s fate is shattered and at the same time the girl’s niece is abducted. Your Doctor Hero reaches out to the real villain with his life, military life, a little sharp wit and a little dirty script. He killed her and rescued the heroine’s niece and other girls. The girl finally likes this job of doctor and they both get married and finish the picture.

    The protagonist and producer of the film is Shivakarthikeyan. The neck of the shirt stays closed until the button is held because it is the work of the button. The face is kept serious. The voice is more serious. Don’t try to understand why the dialogue delivery is kept flat. Argument is often avoided in Tamil films. The ease with which he took the opportunity to become his doctor seems strange because at the beginning of the film he is described as a very strict choice. To conduct a kidnapping operation, he appeals to the whole family to join the military, where he has no choice but to obey his senior, when he does not listen to one of his retired seniors (Milind Soman). Okay, don’t waste time arguing. The heroine of the film Priyanka Arulmohan had to look beautiful except for one scene. He has also appeared. This is her first Tamil film, before which Priyanka has acted in a total of 3 Telugu films. In the role of the villain of the film, actor Binoy Rai, who has a hero-like personality, is such a fierce and intelligent villain that he can see everything clearly except the cunning of the hero. It is amazing that the leader of a gang who kidnapped girls from different parts of the country and prepared them for further sale was so brave. But let it go.

    The film also stars Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman (Roadies). Very silly role. Heroes wearing night-vision goggles in the dark on a subway train and the fight between them is ridiculous. Comedy for no reason. There is also the famous comedy artist Yogi Babu. He is also doing comedy. Became the protagonist’s partner and was seen making a kidnapping deal with the villain while acting extra. The villain becomes both stupid and blind. This is probably the last film of Hindi television and film actor Vikramjit Kanwarpal, who was a Major in the Army. He died of covid. His role also seemed strange, though it was very small. Only Milind Soman can explain why he did this picture. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Actors like Mahali (Sunil Reddy) and Kili (Shiv Arvind) try unsuccessfully to do comedy in it but the situation is such that the audience knows that there is laughter here.

    The film is written by director Nelson Dilip Kumar. If you understand the gist of the story, there is a good story about what an army doctor does to save his fiance’s niece from a kidnapper. But the difference between director Nelson and writer Nelson is visible in the film. This is Nelson’s second film as a director, but the film is also weakened by the lack of logic. The music composer of the film Anirudh Ravichandran (Kolaveri D) has given good music. Anirudh is responsible for bringing and capturing Nelson in the film. The songs in the picture are good. Anirudh also composed the music for Nelson’s first film. The next film of the Tamil superstar’s victory is “Beast” where Nelson (writer-director) and Anirudh (musician) will reunite. However, there is a song in this film which is based on the ban on ticking in India and was written by Shivakarthikeyan himself.

    The film is based on serious issues such as child trafficking and human trafficking. It has dance songs and very clichd humor, physical comedy and untimely comedy. Shivakarthikeyan himself is a standup comedian, so that habit may not go away but the importance that was needed for this film has suddenly disappeared due to comedy. The picture is long. Since it was a box office success, hundreds of sins have been forgiven, but even a comedy movie cannot open the nerves of the mind.

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