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    Detailed Review: This flight from ‘The Flight Attendant’ comes straight to your mind

    Detailed Review of ‘The Flight Attendant’: The novel The Flight Attendant is a unique book written by Chris Bohjalian and published in 2018. First, it gives such an inside look into the personal and professional life of a flight attendant or airhostess that at some point you start hating the life of a flight attendant. Their lives have no meaning, they have very shallow lives and how a flight attendant in this lonely profession continues to destroy her personal life emotionally, haunts you. The novel was widely read.

    In 2020, it was decided to make a television series on it and given it a dark comedy color keeping in mind the audience preferences. One of the few well-known shows in television history, “The Big Bang Theory” stars lead actress Kaley Cuoco. The series was first released on HBO Max and later released on Amazon Prime Video. This web series could have been a normal web series but its plot twist and its presentation is very unique, different which makes it a must watch.

    American Casey Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) is a flight attendant responsible for international flights. Like most American girls, in an attempt to fill the void in her life, Cassie often sneaks up on a commuter and then executes plans to party and spend the night on the town. On one such occasion, after partying with Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman), a Russian businessman in Bangkok, when he wakes up in the morning, he finds that Alex has been murdered with his throat slit. Casey escapes from there but the murder doesn’t leave him behind.

    Due to an international crime committed by a US citizen, the FBI becomes involved in its investigation and Casey tries to investigate on his own level to get rid of the problem. Casey’s suffering was increasing every moment. He doesn’t know what to do. On top of that he also has a bad drinking habit, which causes him to hallucinate and remember old things. In this 8-episode long series, Casey tries to prove his innocence. Whether he succeeds or not, that is the mystery of this series.

    Kaley Cuoco’s work in Flight of Acting is worth watching. Most viewers look for Penny from The Big Bang Theory in her but she plays the role a bit differently. Influenced by her father, a plane crashes near Casey’s home, a small tomboy-type childhood, and the flight attendant rescues all the passengers, she wants to be a flight attendant. Kelly’s character is unique in that she doesn’t even try to control her addiction to alcohol and tells the FBI the truth every time, despite her friend’s best wishes.

    The characters are numerous, and all seem to be driving the story in one way or another except for the FBI agents who want to lead the story repeatedly with Kelly as the killer and don’t even believe him. Michiel Huiman dies in the first episode, but he returns to Kelly’s memory and tells her to make the right decision. His character is good, acting is also good. Josiah also plays Kelly’s friend and lawyer well. What more do you need in life than friends in need?

    A different director has been appointed for almost every episode, the reason is not understood but directing them all does not create unnecessary variety in every episode. It also took about a dozen writers to turn the novel into a screenplay. Web series should be good, only for this purpose team works in America, there are multiple writers or directors. Its second season was released on HBO Max in April this year but it is not yet available on Amazon for Indian viewers.

    The way the series is going, it looks like it will soon see a second season as Kelly’s character is fleshed out more closely in the second season. Flashbacks are also used in Season 1 in a new way, with Kelly and Michelle as viewers watching past events that happened to Kelly in front of them and analyzing the incident. This storytelling technique is less used and mostly seen in detective films, but this time there is a comedy thrown in as well.

    Flight Attendant is long, seems to focus too much on a single incident, so it becomes boring. Viewers who love Kaley Cuoco will still enjoy watching this series. People who are watching the series without bias will not like it much.

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