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    DETAILED REVIEW: The necessity of suturing the body after autopsy was not considered in ‘Kadavar’

    Detailed review: Imagine the postmortem. The body is on the operating table. After examining the internal organs of the body, the forensic doctor left the body without stitches with incision marks on the body. Everything about that corpse is dismembered and parts are scattered. It’s scary to imagine this gruesome scene, it’s painful not to finish the job. Watching Anup Panikkar’s film ‘Kadavar’ gives you the same feeling, because what could have been a good film is made in such a strange way and ends up midway. From the beginning it seems that you will be disappointed with the film, then the story increases a bit, then it seems that the investigation will be fun now, then halfway through the film, the audience also understands where this story will stop. ..

    Watching so many domestic and foreign films, the audience has also become wiser to predict the story. Kadavar could have been a good murder mystery, but in the process of falling into formula, the film compromises its own merits. The screenplay of the film is certainly good, but the film that is created does not create any kind of emotional bond, so the film ends in a life-or-death scenario.

    Any forensic doctor or detective, such as Benedict Comerbatch, the lead actor of the BBC series Sherlock, can quickly and easily find clues with his expressions that ordinary investigators often miss. Doctor Bhadra (Amala Paul) is also given a similar character but he behaves like a normal investigator most of the time. The city’s assistant police commissioner Vishal (Harish Usman) hires forensic doctor Bhadra in an attempt to solve a murder mystery.

    Investigation reveals that somewhere, a convicted criminal is behind Vetri (Arun Adit). Vetri kills another man while still in jail. Both the police and the gentlemen are engaged in finding out who is helping Vetri, and the layers of the mystery are unraveling one by one. Here comes the biggest twist in the story. The entire film is made to bring this twist. Apart from this twist, the entire film is almost predictable. The screenplay is by Abhilash Pillai who earlier wrote the film Night Drive. The night drive was nothing less than full entertainment. Same thing with Kadavar.

    Amala Paul is also the film’s producer and lead actress, so the entire focus is on her, which seems a little illogical in a suspense film like this. As the investigation into who committed the murders involves many suspects who may be the killers, this is a minor part of the murder mystery. It soon becomes clear that the murderer is a wise man with forensic knowledge. Amla is a good actress but she is not the best. Somewhere there is a trace of anger on his face, which is enough to end the mystery.

    Carrying such a long film alone is a tough task, but Amala doesn’t let that show. Arun Adithan has done a wonderful job in all the scenes inside the jail. In these scenes, his acting skills have been used appropriately. In the climax scene of the film, he gets a new purpose in life, so how can he not stop himself, this scene touches the heart. Vinod Sagar’s eyes as Kali are full of pity and fear. Vinod was earlier seen in Nayattu and Janaganaman. Looks like they should get more work. Harish Usman’s work is also good, but his character has a bit of a filmy flair and he thorn in such a film.

    This is director Anup Panicker’s first film, so the way he has brought Abhilash Pillai’s screenplay is not only difficult but also admirable. If Anup is likely to make films in this genre, his work will grow and mature. The background music is perfect, fitting every scene and nowhere is it too loud to sting. Ranjin Raj’s music cannot be ignored as he also succeeds in giving the scene a more mystical color. Production designer Sartaj Saifi deserves the most praise as he brings almost every scene of the morgue to life. The morgue also starts to look dangerous in the second part of the film. Mistakes in the film reduce the fun.

    The picture is almost predictable. Now the audience already knows that if there is a mystery film, then the person on whom there is least room for doubt will be the killer. There are some factual errors in the autopsy scene that could have been prevented. There are parts of this movie where murder mystery is fun but everything else becomes boring. Each person has a back story involved and this is where the author goes wrong. The reason for the murder in the mind of the murderer is very lightly explained. So it seems the autopsy was done but the body was not stitched back up causing everything to tear. Still the film is worth watching. Expectations should be kept low.

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