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    Detailed Review: ‘The Most Hated People on the Internet’ is a must-see for people of all ages

    Detailed review: The internet is the easiest weapon to use to violate your privacy. A computer or mobile with data facility is able to keep track of every moment of your life. Some malicious minded people consider peeking into your personal life as their favorite thing and with the help of hacking they can get your email, your social media account and even your bank details. Hacking has thrown big heads of state out of their chairs and set fire to the lives of many celebrities by sharing their personal information.

    The level of hacking is so low that it penetrates into the lives of ordinary people and sends its raw logs to people, as a result of which many people commit suicide and many become personalities that shatter all because of shame. A distance and mental anguish ended his good character and career. The Most Hated Man on the Internet is a documentary released on Netflix that portrays a gruesome and vulgar version of the moral decay of our society due to the Internet. Here’s a lesson on how to deal with Internet hacks that defame and embarrass you. This 3 episode documentary is based on true events. This mind-opening documentary is a must watch for people of all ages.

    In 2010, Hunter Moore, a 24-year-old boy from the Sacramento, California area, had a good idea of ​​the power of the Internet. He created a website called Is Anyone Up where intimate and nude pictures of boys and especially girls, along with their full details (name, address, Facebook ID etc.) were posted. With the help of hackers, Moore hacked the emails of many boys and girls and captured their private photos. Any user can post on this web site and Hunter has always said that his web site is only a platform so he has no control over what is posted on it. Thus he was outside the purview of the law. Instead of celebrities, pictures and videos of common people have been uploaded on this website. People who knew these common people (readers, neighbors, acquaintances and others) used to comment rudely on their pictures and videos on this website. In 2012, some pornographic photos of Kayla Law were posted on this website, which someone told Kayla about. When Kayla tells her mother, Charlotte, she decides to take drastic measures to save her daughter’s honor.

    With no help from the police, Charlotte tried to get her daughter’s photo removed from the website through the FBI. In this case that lasted for 2 years, Charlotte contacted many girls who were defamed by this web site. Charlotte and about 40 other girls worked tirelessly to gather a wealth of evidence against Hunter. Hunter was such a greedy and clumsy person that whenever he was warned not to post photo-videos or to remove photo-videos posted on web sites, he scoffed at all such notices. The FBI slowly accumulates hard evidence, proving the hacking allegations against Hunter and his hacker partner Charles Evans to be true. Hunter was arrested in 2014. Hunter was released on bail two days later. In December 2015, Evans was sentenced to 2 years and Hunter to 2.5 years. Both are now out of jail.

    This documentary is a must watch for viewers. Everyone knows how the internet is being misused, but it is also important to know how your personal information is being exposed to the public through hacking. Many of the girls’ ex-boyfriends and husbands posted pornographic and nude photos of themselves on Hunter’s Web site. This is proof of the mental bankruptcy of a society. This website proves how dangerous the trend of revenge has become, proving that this age of hatred has gone to any degree. Hunter even hacked the girls’ email accounts with the help of Avans, from where he stole their pornographic images.

    The popularity of the website was such that about 30 million people visited the website every month and the website earned about $13000 per month. There were other people associated with Hunter, who continued to post or comment to drive traffic to the website. A person’s job was only to see that all the people posting pictures or videos were adults. In 2011, the Florida band “A Day to Remember” did not perform at a music festival because Hunter Moore came to see them perform at the festival. A few days ago, Joshua, the bass player of the band Is Anyone Up, posted lewd pictures. Hunter received many threats, notices too but Hunter did not listen to anyone. Hunter was convicted of stealing pictures of girls by hacking emails and not running websites. This shows how loose the law is and that there will always be room for improvement.

    A fake website was created to show the documentary Is Anyone Up so there would be no legal hurdles. Almost all of the characters in the documentary are real people, including Charlotte, her daughter Kayla, Charlotte’s husband Charles, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend Kira Hughes, FBI agent Jeff Kirkpatrick, US Attorney Wendy Wu, The Village Voice journalist Camille Dodero, and Hunter’s ex. lawyer Riza Sinao. While the documentary was in production, Hunter was also going to appear in the documentary to represent her but dropped the idea at the last minute. Why Hunter created this website, why it featured revenge porn, and what he did after he got out of prison, all of this information was not found in the documentary. Many revenge porn websites are still running, with new websites coming up every day. This story is not over. Thousands of hunter-gatherers have not shut down their web sites because of the loss of hunters. This documentary is quite an eye opener. Kayla emailed nude photos of herself, didn’t send it to anyone, but still got on the internet. This cycle should be stopped.

    It can be argued that girls have the right to take a picture of themselves or send it to their boyfriend/husband. This is also true, but there is also a parallel argument here. Whenever you go out of the house, why do you go out with a lock because you can’t trust the trust of others and in the same way when you take your nude or intimate picture and send it to someone, you hope that your trust will not be broken but it is broken. It is true that boys should learn not to break faith, but centuries of patriarchal tradition cannot be ended by simply rebelling. To dismantle any system, it must be destroyed from the roots. A man’s mind will not change in a day.

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