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    Detailed review: ‘The Gray Man’ means action, action and action… then some more action

    Detailed Review of ‘The Gray Man’: Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe hold the Russo Brothers aka Anthony Russo and Joe Russo in high esteem. The reason is clear – both brothers have directed blockbuster movies like Captain America and Avengers series. Endgame, the last film in the Avengers series, broke more than half of the box office records and also broke the hearts of the audience when he saw some of the most important Avengers die in the battle with Thanos.

    The Russo Brothers are known for their larger than life cinematic style. His style is considered to be the best for his visual sense i.e. the amazing ability to bring any script to the big screen. The Russo Brothers are now pushing the style of James Cameron in Avatar or George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in Star Wars. His latest film “The Gray Man”, which was released on July 22 on Netflix, is one such action film, where the action on the screen is constantly arranged in such a way that it feels like a story while watching the film. But no film could be better than this. If anything comes after the action in the film, it’s a bit too much action. The craftsmanship of the Russo Brothers is a sight to behold.

    The story of The Gray Man is very simple. Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling), an agent of Sierra, a covert division of the US intelligence agency CIA, is asked to capture a man in Bangkok and rob him of all his belongings. A fierce fight ensues between the two and it is revealed that Sierra is also an agent of Sierra who killed Six. Before dying, he gives Agent Sierra Six a pen drive, which contains many secrets. This whole operation is being done under the command of a corrupt CIA officer, Danny Carmichael (Raze Gene Page).

    Sierra Six is ​​lost with that pen drive. To capture him, Danny sends a hired killer, Lloyd Hanson (Chris Evans), after the Sierra Six. There are many types of war in different countries with sometimes Hanson and sometimes Sierra Six above. Hanson takes advantage of the opportunity as does Claire (Julia Butters), the founder of the Sierra Group and niece of the Sierra Six’s father, Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton). Sierra Six approaches him and is then shot by Danny’s accomplice. Sierra rescues Claire and all is well.

    The story of the film is actually based on the novel The Gray Man by Mark Granney. Granny has written about a dozen novels in The Gray Man series so far. Attempts to make a film about The Gray Man have been going on for a long time. In 2011, there were plans to remake the film with Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron. If she was with Charlize, she would have given some other name because Charlize is an actress. It is Netflix’s most expensive movie to date. Netflix had to spend 200 million dollars i.e. 1 billion 57 crore rupees to make it.

    The film was watched by 4.5 crore people in the first 3 days of its release on Netflix. The promotion of this film was also very strong and it had a large audience in India as Tamil film hero Dhanush also had an important role in the film. Motivated by its success in 84 countries around the world during its release week, Netflix has decided to have a sequel to the film. The script work for its sequel has also started.

    Chris Evans was previously offered the role of Sierra Six in the film but chose to play Willan Hanson. In many places, both Ryan and Chris chose to speak their own dialogues instead of scripted dialogues, which added to the fun. The film is a great action film and its entire success has to be credited to its stunt team as not only the action in the film is steady, but the stunts in the film are also amazing and you have the heart not to take your eyes off the screen. The Russo brothers also kept this thing in mind in The Avengers, so despite being a very short and simple story, the Avengers films satisfied the audience. The gray man’s stunts are amazing. From the entry of Sierra Six to the climactic battle, the non-stop action did not let the film stop and did not give the audience a moment to think.

    Tamil star Dhanush’s role in the film is small but it is clear from the way his co-stars praised him for his performance, stunts, personality and professionalism during and after the shoot. Hollywood loved Dhanush’s style. Hopefully he will play an important role in the upcoming sequels as well. Dhanush plays a hired killer who works for Hanson.

    In the first fight, he takes the pen drive from Ryan and in the second fight he also defeats Hanson’s partner in the CIA, Miranda, who becomes Ryan’s accomplice, but here he gives the pen drive to Miranda before disappearing again. Because he doesn’t. Kidnapping children and causing unintended bloodshed is Hanson’s style. Seeing the great action in this short scene makes you suddenly a Dhanush fan. He knows why Chris Evans was cast as Hanson, but he’s amazing in his role as a mentally ill type killer. Chris always gets to be Captain America so it’s fun to see him in a negative role.

    The audience has no time to breathe in The Gray Man. The action goes on and on and it’s wrong not to film the action so brilliantly. Just when you think the action is over, the gunfire starts and the action scenes are heavier than the previous ones. Look at the picture. A great example of how action films are made.

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