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    Detailed Review: Suspense in ‘Footfairy’ is the only suspense in this entire film

    ‘Footfairy’ Detailed Review: Sometimes it seems that the fact that Netflix has not achieved the desired success in India is true, because in terms of Indian content, the films selected by them and the films and web series produced by Netflix are completely isolated from the Indian public, their low popularity is the biggest reason. The Indian content we see on Netflix seems to be completely substandard. A new name has been added to Netflix’s quirky 2020 film ‘Footferry’. It is a murder mystery, to say the least, featuring a serial killer who strangles a lone girl on a railway track (with a polythene bag over her mouth) and amputates both her legs with a sharp weapon. Tax away

    The corpse is stuffed into a large suitcase and thrown around the same track. Police and CBI are trying their best but are not able to reach the real killer. The story seems good at first glance but when you watch the film based on it you feel it is an incomplete film as the drama is very dry. Watch Footfary on Netflix only if you feel like you’re watching a movie that confuses you. Director Kanishk Verma was recently announced as the director of Disney + Hotstar’s latest web series “Shoorveer”. Earlier Kanishk had directed another film Sanak starring Vidyut Jammwal. Kanishk’s first film is ‘Footferi’. In 2020, it was launched live on television instead of cinema and then in 2022 its Marathi dub was also released and is now available on Netflix in both languages.

    The story of the film is about a serial killer. After seeing a lone girl walking on a railroad track in the dark of night, this serial killer sealed her mouth in a hard plastic bag. The girl stopped breathing and died. The killer took the girl’s body to a secluded spot, cut off her legs with a sharp saw and dumped her body on the side of the track, stuffing her in a red suitcase. Inspector Vivaan Deshmukh (Gulshan Devaiah) starts investigating the case. There are various sources and every time one is arrested, he is not proven to be the murderer and in the meantime another blood comes out. Vivaan is disappointed but keeps trying.

    There is no evidence that all were returning from the same restaurant before the death of the girl whose body was found. Upon investigation, the restaurant’s owner, Joshua (Kunal Roy Kapur), becomes suspicious. Suddenly there is an eyewitness who recognizes Joshua’s photo and declares him to be a “foot peddler”. Joshua was arrested, but released due to lack of strong evidence. Meanwhile, a little girl living in Vivan’s neighborhood bleeds and Vivan gets angry and breaks Joshua’s ribs. No evidence has yet been found against Joshua. Joshua files a case against the police and Vivaan has to quit his job and move to another city from Mumbai. After many years Vivaan again comes to Mumbai and just like that he again walks on the railway tracks where he sees a child who says that some time ago someone else also stopped that child and said save the child have you got anything? Vivan thinks it may or may not be a “foot ferry”. Vivaan follows him. The film ends.

    There are many good things in the film and some unanswered questions. Gulshan Devaiah’s performance is one of the best. Although his voice definitely didn’t match his character and he should have prepared a little more to be a police officer, Gulshan’s face and his big eyes would have made any criminal confess their crime just by looking at him. Apart from Gulshan, Sagarika Ghatge’s character as the girlfriend is also quite beautiful.

    By introducing two professional people to their friends, they can become friends with them. This fine detail of Mumbai is well shown in the film. Sagarika and Gulshan’s friendship is also developing very well, without any unnecessary romance. The dialogue between the two is also very steady, light and beautiful. Kunal Roy Kapur’s character is the best. Every piece of evidence since his entrance points to him being after the blood but it is never proven. The audience also thinks that he will be the killer but it is not. The audience does not feel cheated but they are desperate like Gulshan.

    On the unanswered questions, Vivan and his colleagues always think about the “Foot Ferry” as if no other case would come to them yet. How is the work of the police? Whenever any CCTV footage of “Footferry” is available, it never seems to be Kunal Roy Kapur’s size, but Vivaan’s size. Vivaan i.e. Gulshan can be a killer if seen from a new perspective. He has enough time to bleed each one. When he quit his job and moved to another city from Mumbai, there were no murders. However, his conversation with the child in the climax proves to contradict this theory.

    Kunal Roy Kapur tells the police that he likes to see beautiful legs of girls but he is not a murderer. Gulshan never thought that Kunal could have planned but one of his accomplices did the murder. Kunal can’t be the killer either because the serial killer has some frustrations that he doesn’t tell anyone when Kunal confesses his attraction to the girl’s feet.

    People who read books or watch movies about murder mysteries or serial killer stories have no idea who the killer might be. Gulshan and Kunal are beyond suspicion but an associate of Gulshan may be behind the murder. If you want to know what fellow he is, look up “footferry”. Bong Joon-ho, the director of the famous 2019 Oscar-winning film “Parasite”, directed a film inspired by the true story in 2003 – Memories of Murder. Director Kanishk Verma inspired the film to make “Footferry” and left the audience with an unanswered mystery of who the killer is. Like watching ‘pa ferry’ but we have a habit of catching murderers. Nothing like that happens here.

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