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    Detailed Review: Masala films can also be made in Malayalam cinema, for example ‘Kaduva’

    Detailed review: Sometimes one comes across a complete masala Malayalam film by chance, but still the screenplay and direction are so exquisite that one cannot help but appreciate the film. Recently ‘Kaduva’, meaning lion, was released on Amazon Prime Video. If dance songs are left out for a moment, this film is a classic revenge story. Kaduva will also add to the category of famous director Shaji Kailash’s hit films, as its story has a lot of truth, only stunts and action are kept like masala films.

    The film’s hero Prithviraj also got to do such a film after a long time and so he also said in his interview that he had a lot of fun doing this film and he would not hesitate to do more such films. A Malayalam masala film that has action, emotions, dialogues, excellent stunts and beautiful Kerala, watching such bitterness will introduce you to another dimension of Malayalam cinema. The film is powerful, should be seen immediately.

    Nowadays, the hero presentation has started again by making the hero larger than life. Baahubali, Pushpa, KGF and other similar movies are very popular these days. This could be due to the boycott of Hindi films and also the story of this film. Watching Kaduva on the big screen will be something else, but the film is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. This year’s biggest Malayalam film Kaduva has also created quite a buzz at the box office. Kaduvakunel Kuriacha (Prithviraj) aka Kaduva, a huge plantation owner, clashes with IG Joseph Chandy Oseppukutty (Vivek Oberoi) in the 1990s.

    Actually, Kaduva is a bit angry but he always supports the right. A new pastor arrives at his village church accused of personally molesting underage girls. Kadua wants to catch him red-handed but he misses the opportunity because of Joseph’s mother and Kadua calls his mother good and evil. From here the fight between the two started and Joseph saw the opportunity to throw Kaduva in jail with the help of his political bosses. During this time, he burnt down Kadua’s garden with the help of his policemen, repeatedly raided his house, also vandalized Kadua’s father’s car.

    Finding no evidence, Kadua is free on bail and, before his wits, overthrows Joseph’s political bosses, paying opposition leaders to overthrow the government. All cases against Kadua were dropped and Joseph was eventually dismissed in the corruption case. Joseph sends a notorious goon to kill Kadua but Kadua kills him too and eventually fights with Joseph in which Kadua wins. On the way to the prison, Joseph tells Kaduva that the fight is not over yet.

    There is no doubt about Prithviraj’s acting prowess, but his talking eyes sometimes drag down the entire scene. He speaks slowly, shouts less but fights with all his might when struck. The film also has excellent dialogues. Jinu Abraham, who entered the industry as a writer, also directed a film titled Adam John starring Prithviraj. Jinu has given clapping dialogues in this film, which has been loved by the audience. Both director Saji and writer Jinu have worked with Prithviraj many times in the past and hence managed to get such a spicy role from a sensitive actor like Prithviraj. Ginu’s assistant Matthew Thomas also announced a film based on the story titled Kaduva with Suresh Gopi in the lead role.

    A court case ensued and Jinu won the case due to which Mathew’s picture could not be produced. Another strong actor named Biju Thomas was given the role of IG in National Award winner Prithviraj starrer “Aayapanam Koshyam”, but in that film too Prithviraj and Biju fought each other and also in Kadua, so the audience got something new. can’t see After much searching, Vivek Oberoi was approached for the role. He too said yes as soon as he heard the story. Vivek’s role is also good and Vivek has played this role to the best of his ability. They do not fear or oppress Prithviraj, but use various tactics to defeat and humiliate him. Not only murder but Prithviraj’s many washes. The rest of the cast is pretty average as the focus is only on Prithviraj and Vivek. Kalabhavan Shajan and Dilish Pothan have small roles but they make a huge impact in their respective roles. There was little for Yukta Menon.

    Jack Bejoy’s music in the film makes every scene great, especially the action sequences. Kanal Kannan’s stunts throughout are filmy and very closely related to the story. It’s normal to see a lot of typical Hindi movie scenes after watching the prison fight, but the fight is best when the police team that is going to arrest Prithviraj stops him on the way and tells him to beat him up, Prithvi on the way. Which washes the whole team, gives fun.

    There was no novelty in the story but the action sequences and stunts with which the cinematographer Abhinandan Ramanujam shot it increased the scale of the film. Because of this, Kaduva also rocked the box office and did business above 50 crores. For the Malayalam film industry, which prioritizes story, a successful film at the box office acts as a lifesaver. Prithviraj starrer Janaganaman and Kaduva both gave some relief at the Malayalam box office. Kaduva is a masala entertainer, although the dance is not as flowery, yet there is something more to experience than watching this type of film that if the story is good, it can be presented in a masala style and the audience must watch it. Willpower.

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