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    Bhuj Review: ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’ has nothing to brag about

    Bhuj Review: Within 24 hours you have watched two Desh Prem movies. At first glance, it looks like research has been done in its production and the actors have acted well, and there is good direction. Looking at others, why is it made? Bhuj – The Pride of India had all the ingredients to make a good film. Real life story, patriotism, war, story of indomitable courage, challenge to do a great job in Bahu Hum Saamay, heroes like Ajay Devgan, actors like Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt and Sharad Kelkar but bad screenplay and even worse direction of the film. Ruined the whole fun of the movie.

    15th August is a day where patriotism is felt in our patriots for a whole week. No matter how bitter a person is, Independence Day is important to him too. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot of patriotism happens throughout this week. This year marks the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, so every film released on this occasion has to be the best. Cinema halls should have this much masala for at least 75 days. Bhuj Khun in all categories. Ajay Devgn must have done many bad films but he doesn’t like weird films like Bhuj.

    The real story was the Sundarben of Madhpur village in Bhuj district and the 300 women there. These women, day and night, rebuilt the Bhuj airstrip, destroyed by napalm bombs dropped by Pakistani aircraft, when another Pakistani attack threatened. The airstrip was rebuilt within 72 hours and the Indian Army could land an aircraft there to prevent a Pakistani attack. The entire construction of the airstrip was done under the understanding and supervision of Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik (referred to as ‘Karnik’ throughout the film, because of some stupid guy who doesn’t know the pronunciation) in charge of Bhuj Airport. Women were dressed in sarees that did not look very different from the ground and how to protect themselves when sirens sounded, their food and drink arrangements were also taken care of. The film has been ‘dealt’ in such a way that it is mind boggling.

    Sonakshi Sinha is playing an important role in this Ajay Devgan film.

    The weak points of the film are not one but many. First let’s talk about the story. The focus was on recreating Runway, making Ajay Devgn the hero, while Ajay felt no insecurity about his role. Well, director Abhishek Dudhaiya wrote the screenplay along with Raman Kumar. Raman earlier wrote a television serial called ‘Ehsas’ for Abhishek. You can clearly understand how heavy the television hangover is. Such a strange script was written that there was no connection. Then perhaps Ritesh Shah was called in to improve the script. Ritesh has written many films like Kahaani, Pink, Red, D Day. His command over dialogue is also good. Pooja Bhavoria is also associated with its story and screenplay, but her contribution is not understood. The matter did not end here. Manoj Muntashir was also roped in to write additional dialogues for the film. The main plot of the film is inspiring, in the same vein as the film Atom. But Bhuj got cold. Tried to run 3-4 stories at once, characters were not allowed to develop and suddenly there are many characters who leave after speaking the dialogue. This film should be completely rewritten.

    Edited by Dharmendra Sharma. Probably Ajay works in Devgn’s film company as Dharmendra edits all his films. A weak script should be protected with excellent editing. But the editor has done very poor editing, matching the script of the film. Unnecessary characters can be removed in editing, yes. Can the editing give the main characters the right direction, yes. Editing can save the story from breaking, yes. Editing can bring everything together, yes. But it was not done. The movie carries so many stories together that the name Bhuj should have understood.

    Eat the Pride of India

    A scene from Ajay Devgn’s ‘Bhooj’.

    Cinematographer Asim Bajaj is also a favorite of Ajay Devgan. He is in almost every film. There were infinite possibilities that he would have shot each track of the film separately so that the audience could feel the difference. Airport Attack, Ajay Devgan’s Track, Nora Fatehi’s Track, Sharad Kelkar’s Track, Sanjay Dutt’s Track. It would have been different if they filmed each one individually and then blended them together.

    Nothing is reserved for the actors in the film. Ajay Devgan feels strange even speaking patriotic dialogues. He was in charge of the airport and his job was to repair the airport runway, the way he used anti-aircraft guns looked very clumsy. Going forward, he and his wife Usha (Pranita Subhash) also drive road rollers. Based on a true story of patriotism, Shershah’s claptrap type dialogues at least did not show patriotism, while Captain Vikram Batra was very barbos in his personal life. Ajay Devgn also speaks the film’s dialogues and continues to appear “busy without business”. This is the weakest role of Ajay’s career.

    Praneetha Subhash’s second film in a row (Hungama 2) disappointed her. Bhuje had nothing to say. After Tanhaji, Sharad Kelkar appeared again with Ajay Devgan. The character was good, Sharad also acted well. He himself became a Malayali army officer but he married Zeenat, a Muslim girl who was crippled with legs. It had nothing to do with the original story. Sanjay Dutt got a quirky role in Ranchoddas Rabri’s “Paagi”. Sanjay Dutt is Ajay’s close friend and this film was also made for that reason. Like his old film “Zinda”, Sanjay takes his ax and chops the Pakistani soldiers as carrots, and the soldiers themselves come and chop them. Stupid actions felt. Sanjay Dutt’s turban and antimony in his eyes can’t hide his addiction. bhuj trailer, bhuj the pride of India

    This role could have been very good for Sonakshi Sinha but the writers of the film wrote the film for Ajay Devgan. Sonakshi’s character became completely useless. Suddenly he saves the leopard from the attack of the cow and cuts its throat with a sickle. The next moment she starts teaching the village girls about patriotism. Such incomplete character development occurs in television serials, but not in films. Punjabi singer Amy Virk played the lead role. Even if it’s not a track, does it matter? Amy, however, did a good job and her first film in this regard became “Bhooj” and not Kabir Khan’s “83” with cricket. Another track in the film is Nora Fatehi, who spies for India as the wife of Pakistan’s intelligence chief and seeks revenge for the death of her martyred spy brother. Another weird track that may or may not be in the film. Nora didn’t even get a chance to show off her dancing skills. He tried unsuccessfully to act and act.

    The picture is very disturbing. The story is neither properly developed nor edited. A lot of money has been invested in special effects which seem wasted. Regardless of the motive behind making the film, neither the writer nor the director can escape the responsibility of such bad deeds. The women who worked 72 hours a day and night to rebuild the Bhuj airstrip felt that they were doing something for the country. The film focuses so much on Ajay Devgan that this story of vitality and indomitable courage is greatly diminished. He must be punished. People will definitely see that the film has big names, but will be upset because the writing and direction of the film is very fresh. It won’t hurt your ego if you don’t watch it because there’s nothing in the film for that. Even the music isn’t something you’ll remember.

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