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    Bawal Review: Will Varun Dhawan-Janvi Kapoor Pass Entertainment Test Like History Class? Read the review

    Bawal Movie Review: Director Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Bawal’, which tells the same story as ‘Dangal’ and ‘Chichhor’ on screen, released today on Prime Video. Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor starrer Yeh Toh Ek Prem-Kahini Hai is, however, not a typical love story of Hindi cinema, but rather a different one. And also, ‘World War 2’ used in the film means the flash of World War II which adds to the tension in this story. We’ve seen it all in the trailer, but will this film take you from the streets of history to the square of entertainment, so let us tell you in this review.

    What does the story say?
    It is the story of Aju Bhai i.e. Ajay Dixit (Varun Dhawan) who has a different environment in Lucknow. To some he ‘became a bus collector’ and to others ‘became an army officer’. He told all the stories that created his environment that everyone is crazy about his environment. Although in reality, Ajju Bhaiya reluctantly teaches history to children in a school. He married Nisha i.e. Janhvi Kapoor who was a perfect girl according to her status at the time of marriage and that’s why Ajju Bhaiyya married such a good looking topper Nisha. But such problems arise in this marriage that Ajju Bhaiya starts considering this marriage as ‘miss fire’ of his life. Now how does Ajju and Nisha’s train get back on track and can a love story blossom between them, is the story of this film.

    Even after 9 months, there is nothing in Varun and Janhveer’s marriage.

    What rattles
    At the beginning of the story, the pace of Ajju Bhai’s life is set right, but as the story progresses, the emptiness of Ajju Bhai’s personality starts to emerge in this story as well. The gist of the story is that Ajay gets so scared that he finds a way to escape. But going to Europe to teach children history, and spending 10-12 lakhs of a middle-class father, the plot itself is a bit strange; seems It’s a good attempt to try to show today’s internal war through those stories by going to a World War II location, but the problem is that you don’t convey or excite that much.

    Although a love story needs pause and patience to mature and develop, you can see it very well in this film. While the first half of the story makes you laugh, the second half has many emotional scenes that make you think.

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    In the film, Ajay and Nisha visit cities in Europe where World War II took place.

    Director Nitesh Tiwari has given us stories like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Chichhore’, which have the magnetic power to watch and get attached to the second scene after every scene. But ‘Bawal’ will not be able to join the league of Nitesh’s previous two films to advance to that level. This laxity of screenplay is the biggest shortcoming of this film. Nikhil Mahrotra, Shreyas Jain, Piyush Gupta and Nitesh Tiwari wrote the story together, but the four could not pull it together.

    Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor star Baawal, directed by Baawal

    Varun and Zaharvi played the roles of Ajay and Nisha in the film.

    Will the heart like?
    Talking about the acting, this is the strongest aspect of this film. Varun Dhawan is perfect as his Ajju Bhai. The nervousness that crosses his face for fear of tarnishing his image makes me want to believe it. Janhvi Kapoor proves with this film that she is constantly working on improving her craft. He has been very subtle in many scenes. In this role, Nisha has to feel more than we talk and Janhvi does this with great sincerity.

    This story is a fresh and good attempt to understand the inner struggle from the wrongs of history and bring it on screen. Watching this film reminded me of Nitya Mehra’s 2016 film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, which helps them go into the future to explain the mistakes in their relationship. That Siddharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif film was a flop but ‘Bawal’ does the same by showing the story of history. This film by director Nitesh Tiwari is a good experiment, if its story could have been worked on a bit more. This film should be watched once. 2.5 stars for this movie from my point of view.

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