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    Shubh Sharma is coming to scare Bhojpuri viewers, shared the first poster of horror film ‘Sundari’, see

    Many songs of Shubh Sharma, one of the most famous and favorite actresses of Bhojpuri cinema, are currently being viewed on YouTube. Meanwhile, she has announced her new film ‘Sundari’. Shubh gave this news to the viewers while sharing a picture on his Instagram. The poster shared by the actress is from a horror-drama movie. It also features other actors like Sabha Verma, Richa Dixit, Akash Yadav and Vishnu Mishra. Sharing the first look of the photo poster, Shubh wrote in the caption, “New picture excited.” ‘Sundari’ is directed by Mahesh Upadhyay and L.K. Kantesh will manage.

    Beyond that, Shubh has recently completed the shooting of an untitled photo, where he will be seen opposite Joy Yadav. The film also stars Subhash Chavan, Krishna Kumar, Deepak Sinha, Kiran Yadav, Sonia Mishra and Anup Jalota. A large part of the film was shot in Uttar Pradesh. Currently the title of the photo has not been released. Shubh was seen in a song ’20-20′ from the movie ‘Welcome Back’ starring actress John Abraham.

    Shubh Sharma shared the poster on Instagram.

    Recently, famous Bhojpuri singer and actor Gunjan Singh and Shubh Sharma’s Bhojpuri song ‘Bhul Gaini Hum’ was released, which showed extraordinary romance between the two. This song made a lot of noise on YouTube. The video song was released on Wave Music’s official YouTube channel on June 2. Shubh and Gunjan Singh’s song ‘Wrong Guinea Hum’ was getting very good response from the people. This song is from Gunjan Singh’s film ‘Mr. Natankibaj’. People liked the duo very much in the song. This Bhojpuri song has been shot so beautifully that Shubh Sharma’s style was driving people crazy.

    Apart from this, another song of the Bhojpuri film ‘Mr Mr Nautanki Baz’ starring Shubh Sharma, Anjana Singh and Gunjan Singh, ‘Chand Sitara Se Dolly Sajaib’ has also been released. This video song has received a lot of love from Bhojpuri listeners.

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