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    Shahnaz Gill also knew Siddharth Shukla with his eyes closed, if you can’t believe it then watch this video

    Who would have thought that Siddhartha Shukla would bid farewell to the world in this way. The mother can’t believe it after her son’s death. The condition of the sisters is bad. Little did they know that the brother who was willing to lay down his life for them would leave them on earth. At the age of 40, the actor was betrayed by his own heart. He died of a heart attack on Thursday morning. After Siddharth’s death, big stars of TV and Bollywood were shocked at his home, but the most upset and restless Siddharth found in Bigg Boss 113 was his special friend Shehnaz Gill.

    Shehnaz Gill befriended Siddharth Shukla during Bigg Boss 1 during. This friendship was very special for both of them. Shahnaz has shared his feelings many times during the show. She was even ready to marry the actor. Alam knew that Shahnaz knew Siddhartha even with his eyes closed.

    Siddhartha reached the stage for Shahnaz
    There was a lot of love between Siddhartha and Shahnaz. During the show, the two were seen supporting each other. After the actor’s death, a video is going viral, after the end of Bigg Boss. This video is from the TV show ‘Muje Shaadi Karoge’, where Shahnaz came to find a groom for himself. Siddharth Shukla reached the stage during the premiere of the show supporting Shahnaz.

    When Shahnaz identifies Siddhartha with his fingernails
    As you can see in the video Shahnaz had his eyes closed and Manish Paul asked him to touch the boys and find out their personalities as soon as Shahnaz reached Siddhartha. He said that this body is feeling like Siddhartha Shukla. But as soon as Sana sees Sid she jumps for joy and hugs him in love.

    ‘You just marry me’
    At this time, Siddhartha Shukla also praised Shahnaz, which made his eyes water. After hearing the praise, Shahnaz proposed to Siddhartha on the stage and said, listen … you are praising me so much, you just marry me. In reply Siddhartha replied in his own style, “Let’s see now … before you see here”.

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