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    RIP Siddharth Shukla: From Anushka Sharma to Rahul Vaidya, celebrities angry over paparazzi say – ‘Death of a celebrity is a philosophy’

    Mumbai: His family, friends and fans are mourning the death of TV actor and Bigg Boss 13 winner Siddharth Shukla. All the celebrities are paying homage to the late actor through social media. At the same time, many celebrities like Shehnaz Gill, Ali Gani, Asim Riaz, Paras Chabra, Rajkumar Rao also reached the crematorium to pay their last respects. At the time of the actor’s funeral, Oshiwara’s crematorium was so crowded that despite the strictures of the police, the family and friends of the late actor (Siddhartha Shukla’s funeral) had to fight hard to enter the crematorium.

    Many pictures of Siddharth Shukla’s last journey have gone viral on the internet, after which stars like Anushka Sharma, Gowher Khan, Suash Roy, Rahul Vaidya have expressed their dissatisfaction and sharply categorized the paparazzi. Celebrities criticized the paparazzi for taking pictures and videos during the actor’s last tour and asked the family of the late actor to mourn in peace.

    Anushka Sharma shared some lines of comedian Zakir Khan on Instagram, in which she expressed her dissatisfaction with her picture that went viral on social media after the death of celebrities. Anushka writes- ‘They don’t think of you as a human being. That is why there are no lines, no boundaries. Your corpse is not a soulless body for them. Another opportunity to take pictures. As much as possible. It’s like trying to steal dishes from a burning house during a riot.

    (Photo credit: Instagram: ushanushkasharma)

    Because what will you do after them? At most, 10 pictures, 5 stories, 3 videos, 2 stories, 1 post and that’s it. Therefore your death will be a philosophy. A crying Mao is a vision, a father is broken by grief, a slapping sister, a careless sister, a brother who loses courage, just a vision to anyone who loves you. If you had survived, things would have been different. After you die, you will satisfy their hunger simply by crying. I’m just saying you have to choose this life, you and me. If you know this, you will probably feel less sorry before you close your eyes for the last time. So be happy among your friends, love your people. Learn a lot, build new relationships. Don’t just live for them. Whatever is left, live for yourself. Because according to them you are not human.

    Gawhar Khan wrote- ‘It is a shame. Shame on all media houses for this kind of coverage! You should bow your head in shame if you do something that loses a loved one! All media houses, you are going to stir up any tragedy for which you should be ashamed.

    (Photo credit: Instagram: au Gauharkhan)

    Rahul Vaidya writes – ‘I think our country is in dire need of a funeral management company.’ Kushal Tandon writes- ‘Stars who are taking off their masks in front of the media to take pictures should be ashamed. I am angry at what is happening. If you really want to pay homage, instead of celebrating it, pray a little for the disembodied soul. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. ‘

    (Photo credit: Instagram: @realkushaltandon / @rahulvaidyarkv)

    Swash Rai also shared a post on Instagram. Where he wrote- ‘Please !! Dear Media It’s great how you come and be part of our program and be part of the joy and trust me, we really appreciate it and feel touched by it. But, on this day when someone loses their love, you should all let them stay in their place and give them time with themselves. So that, he can easily say goodbye to her last. I know you are doing your job, but it is my sincere request that such events should be confined to the family only.

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