Monday, December 11, 2023

    Rakesh Mishra’s Bhojpuri song ‘Jawan Kar Di Raja Ji’ has been released, it is getting great response, see

    Bhojpuri actor and singer Rakesh Mishra is dominating the world these days with his songs. They do amazing things on YouTube as soon as their songs are released. His wonderful songs win the hearts of the listeners. Another full-fledged song by star musician and actor Rakesh Mishra ‘Jawan Kar Di Raja Ji’ has been released on the official YouTube channel of music company Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. This song is sung by Rakesh Mishra in his special style. The lyrics are funny, which everyone loves to hear. Let us tell you that the audio of this song has been released so far. Its video is also coming soon.

    Presented by Worldwide Records, this song “Jawan Kar Di Raja Ji” is very melodious to listen to which is being loved by Bhojpuri music lovers. Sung in a melodious voice by Rakesh Mishra, the song was written by lyricist Angad Manjoy Gachhai and composed by composer ADR. The view received thousands of views in a matter of hours.

    Recently, a video of Rakesh’s new Bhojpuri romantic song ‘Nazaria Na Hate’ was released on YouTube, where the actor was madly in love with his co-star. The song by Rakesh Mishra has been released on RMP Music’s YouTube channel. It is filmed on Rakesh and actress Pallavi Giri. The song shows great chemistry between the two artists. The song is sung by Rakesh Mishra and written by Arun Bihari.

    A few days ago, Rakesh Mishra’s song ‘Viral Vailu Facebook Pa’ was released. Trishakar Madhu was also seen with him. The romantic chemistry of both the actors was quite responsive to the audience. This was his first video after Trishakar MMS (Trishakar Madhu MMS) went viral.

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