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    Priyanka Chopra has spoken openly about Nick Jonas, “She knows how hard I have worked for this career.”

    New Delhi: Not only Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s extraordinary performance, but also his sense of humor makes him a great personality. From Miss World to Bollywood, then Hollywood and now she is also successful as an entrepreneur. Even then there are many projects in Bollywood and Hollywood with Priyanka Chopra.

    Change is the mantra
    In an interview with the Times Group, he spoke clearly about many things related to his life. She said the change is constant in her life and the mantra has played an important role since her marriage to Nick Jonas.

    Priyanka wanted a parent-like relationship
    Priyanka Chopra has answered many questions about her marriage and Nick Jonas’ family. When asked if he always wanted a relationship like his parents. In any romance, poetry, music everything, have they got it all?

    So it is not fixed …
    Priyanka Chopra laughed and said that I got what I wanted. If I didn’t get all this, I wouldn’t settle down. I think love is the hardest thing in life and this is the last game. It means not just loving your partner, but embracing the whole family.

    Credit to the partner
    The only way to love is to throw yourself completely into it. But that means you have to love the person you love completely. You alone cannot carry such a heavy burden. One thing I have learned from marriage is that I cannot live without giving credit to my partner for my work.

    Nick manages his life
    It’s great to see how Nick manages his life when I’m doing my job. What I want to do and what I like is important to Nick. I never realized I needed a cheerleader.

    Family after work
    He said that in addition to family, the most important thing to me is my work. I’ve been working consistently since I was 17 and I never realized I ever wanted to explain to my partner how hard I worked to build this career. It’s great to have a partner who appreciates it. Nick helped me calm down after marriage.

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