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    Pawan Singh’s ‘Current’ has given Khesari Lal a push, extended the date of his Bhojpuri song, listen to what he said after coming live?

    Bhojpuri power star Pawan Singh’s Hindi song ‘Current’ has been released today. It is getting a huge response from the audience. This song is sung by Payal Dev. The couple is swaying again. In such a situation, now Pawan’s song ‘Current’ has shocked superstar Khesari Lal Yadav. For this reason, he has extended the release date of his song. He himself came live with the fans and said this.

    Earlier, Khesari Lal Yadav’s new song (Khesari Lal Yadav Ka Gon) was supposed to be released along with Pawan Singh’s ‘Current’, but the actor gave his best after seeing the power star’s power in the audience. The release date of the song has been extended. He came live and said this. He came live on Facebook at 8pm last night to talk to fans. In the video, he is heard to say that he first started the video by singing some of his ‘Ara Ami Dobara’ songs and thanked the audience for the good love. He then said that ‘how do you get 5-5 songs trending together’. The love of all of you makes Khesari a star. I never thought in my life that you would give me so much love. ‘

    So during this video, in response to this, the actor is seen saying, ‘Oh no baby, the song is not going to be released tomorrow. Because I had a date 4-5 days ago that we would release, but no one, everything happened. Another song is being released tomorrow. My older brother. He is not alone in this but there are 3-4 more people in Hindi. So not that I ran away in fear, I went a little further because we two brothers are not presenting Bhojpuri but working for many languages, so there is no reason to fight for anything. Yes, there are many channels in Bhojpuri, so many leave one or the other. But here I felt that he was my older brother. The elders are for me and we always respect the elders. We have it in our blood. If the duo’s song is released tomorrow, then somewhere fans will clash with each other on social media. So his song will be released tomorrow and my song will be released on 7th September.

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