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    Neetu Kapoor’s husband Ishi Shi Kapoor’s last 2 wishes, these wishes of the late actor remained unfulfilled

    If Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor had survived, he would have turned 69 on Saturday. On the occasion of his 69th birthday, his family, friends and fans remember him. A few days before Ishi Shi Kapoor’s birthday, his wife and actress Nitu Kapoor remembered him and revealed a lot of information about him. He also spoke about the two wishes of Shi Kapoor.

    Neetu Kapoor revealed that Ran Shi Kapoor wanted to marry his son Ranbir Kapoor in his Pali Hill bungalow ‘Krishnaraj’. Children Shi Kapoor has been living here for about 35 years with his children Ranbir and iddhima. This bungalow has also been recently renovated. Speaking to The Quint, Neetu spoke of his two biggest wishes.

    Neetu Kapoor said, “One had to see Ranbir on his wedding day riding a horse with a turban and a turban in professional tradition. He was so passionate about it, he would say – one day, I want to see our son on horseback.

    Neetu Kapoor said that Ishi Shi Kapoor’s second wish was to rebuild and complete Krishnaraja House. In it, idd wanted to build three separate apartments for Dhima Ranbir and Ishi Shi-Neetu. He added that as long as Covid-1 lasts, he will monitor it every minute and visit the site every day.

    How did 69 Shi Kapoor celebrate his 69th birthday? Neetu Kapoor said, “Oh, I’m sure she’ll wear a new suit as usual. It took them two hours to get ready, where I took an hour at most. She liked clothes of all colors. I still don’t know how many of her clothes There are suits and jackets, they have price tags and they are not worn.He also wore shoes of all colors.

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