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    Milind Soman trolled while calling CT scan a routine checkup, people said- ‘Don’t give focus knowledge’

    Mumbai: Bollywood actor and model Milind Soman is always talking about his fitness. Actors have become an inspiration to many. Milind surprised her fans by sharing photos and videos of the hard workout. Even at the age of 55, Milind is extremely fit and healthy. Recently, Milind Soman shared a picture of her routine checkup on social media. By sharing the picture, the actor has given some suggestions which he is trolling a lot now.

    On social media Milind Soman Troll Netizens called the post irresponsible. Milind shared a picture of himself in hospital uniform on Instagram. The picture shows him sitting in bed before having a CT scan. As usual, Milind smiled as she posed for the camera. Milind Soman posted the picture and advised her fans to have a CT scan while imparting knowledge about general health check-ups. The actor said that CT scan is a part of routine checkup. Hearing this knowledge of the model, the fans got angry and started trolling them. See the post here.

    Netizens have called Milind Soman’s post irresponsible. Credits: il Milindsman Instagram

    Milind Soman wrote in his post, ‘CT scan, blockage check etc. at uranurahealthscreeningindia in Bangalore. All right. Regular checkups according to the advice of qualified doctors are important, but what you do during the screening is even more important. With regular good habits, diet, exercise, sleep and stress management, it can help ensure that each screening reflects normal body functioning regardless of your age. “Many have trolled Milind by commenting on the post.

    One user commented, ‘CT scan is not part of routine check-up. This is an expensive procedure that has its own side effects depending on which scan is being performed. Please do not give such advice. ‘Another wrote,‘ Don’t do CT scans for no reason, please don’t give advice on such matters. It is very harmful. ‘Another wrote,’ Sir, CT scans are not used for screening. You stop giving such knowledge. ‘

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