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    ‘Comedy Circus’ star Siddharth Sagar addicted to drugs again, mother arrives at rehabilitation center

    Mumbai: Comedian and actor Siddharth Sagar, who became famous with the TV show ‘Comedy Circus’, has won the hearts of everyone with his brilliant comedy and has seen the height of success. But, now a disturbing news is coming out about Siddhartha Sagar. According to the news that has come out about Siddhartha Sagar, the comedian has become addicted to drugs again. It is said that the police found Siddhartha Sagar intoxicated, after which the police called his mother and informed her about the condition of the comedian.

    After learning about the boy’s condition from the police, Siddhartha Sagar’s mother re-admitted him to the rehabilitation center. Where he is being treated. Siddhartha Sagar’s mother Alka Sagar, while talking about her son’s condition, said that she is a victim of bipolar disorder. Siddhartha Sagar’s mother says that ‘I got a call from the police station that Siddhartha Sagar’s condition is bad and he only remembers my name and number. He told me to get out of there.

    He added: “It’s unfortunate that whenever something like this happens, no one from his friends or well-wishers comes forward to help him. She always had her parents, but she never understood the importance of them and her family. I want her mother and I want her to get out of this situation. In 2018, it was revealed for the first time that Siddhartha Sagar was taking drugs. Then while talking to the media, Siddharth Sagar made many serious allegations against his family and mother.

    The comedian said his mother used to give him medicine. In addition, he made serious allegations against his mother, including beatings, mental abuse, and detention. Siddhartha Sagar has been discussing his personal life for a long time. Not only with his mother or family, but also with his girlfriend Subodhi. Actress Siddharth also accused Sagar of violence.

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